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Discord is probably the best free voice chat app currently available. Most gamers have transitioned over to Discord from the native in-game VoIP and other VoIP apps like TeamSpeak. Discord is seamless and easy to use, with in-game overlays that are simple and straightforward.

How to Connect Hearthstone to Discord

You can connect nearly any game with Discord, including Hearthstone, which is a Blizzard game. Blizzard has an app of its own, which used to be called just, and now it’s Blizzard You can connect this app with Discord, but you can’t directly connect Hearthstone with Discord.

Read on for more details and further explanation of the matter.

How to Connect with Discord

You can easily connect, a.k.a. the Blizzard app with Discord. That will allow you to display your account on your Discord profile and let people add you or follow you more easily. However, you can’t directly connect Hearthstone with Discord, and we will discuss that in the next section of this article.

For now, let’s focus on connecting your Blizzard and Discord accounts. Follow the steps:

  1. Make sure to download and update Discord on your device using this link (official website).
  2. Launch Discord on your device and log into your account.
  3. Click on the Gear icon (User Settings).
  4. Tap on Connections, and click on the icon.
  5. You will be forwarded to the Discord Connections website, where you need to authorize the connection and allow Discord to access your account.
  6. When you are done, your accounts will be connected, like in the picture below.

You Can’t Connect Hearthstone to Discord Directly

At the moment of writing, you can’t directly add Hearthstone to Discord. For some reason, Discord doesn’t even recognize Hearthstone as one of your installed games. Therefore, you can’t launch Hearthstone using the Discord app.

Discord can launch many games using the Library menu. Mostly, these are Steam and Discord games.


Perhaps Blizzard doesn’t allow Discord to serve as a launcher for their games, and that makes sense.

The app from Blizzard is seamless and easy to use, so there’s no reason to use Discord as Hearthstone or any other Blizzard game launcher.

How to Use Discord in Hearthstone

Still, when you launch Hearthstone, you’ll be able to access the Discord overlay in-game, just like in any other game. The default keys for doing this are “SHIFT+`” (shift and the console button, right below ESC on your keyboard).

discord overlay

Be sure to launch Discord before opening Hearthstone via the Blizzard app. These two programs do play along, after all. You can use Discord voice chat normally in Hearthstone, the same as text chat, if you open the in-game overlay.

You can also launch Hearthstone in windowed mode and open the Discord app on your computer regularly. You can do that if you’d like to multitask and look at both windows at once. Still, the in-game overlay looks like a better option, especially because playing any game in windowed mode might feel cramped. It’s up to you and your personal preference.

A Better Alternative

So, Hearthstone and Discord work together without any extra work. You need to have the two programs installed and updated, using their official apps. Discord doesn’t seem to be the best option for chatting in Hearthstone, however.

Blizzard launched its very own voice-chat not so long ago. It is fully functional across their app, which means that you don’t have to play the same game to talk to your friends on the app. For example, your friend can play WoW while you’re playing Hearthstone, and you can chat in real-time, either via text or via voice chat.

How to use integrated voice chat:

  1. Launch the Blizzard app on your device.
  2. Open Hearthstone and start playing.
  3. Minimize Hearthstone and click on the social tab (friends list) in the top-right corner of your screen.
  4. Right-click on your friend’s name and select Start Voice Chat.
    start voice chat
  5. Your friend will get a request for voice chat, and when they accept, you can talk in real-time, using your headphones/speakers and a microphone.

Enjoy Chatting While Gaming

Discord is a great free app for chatting online, but it seems redundant in this case. Hearthstone already has a great integrated chat system thanks to the Blizzard app. Of course, if your friends are on Discord, you can use the in-game Discord overlay in Hearthstone.

To do that, you don’t even have to connect your Blizzard and Discord accounts. You only need to launch the two apps, press the assigned key combination, and you can access the overlay while playing. That can save you quite some time and allow you to multitask.

Do you use Discord while playing Hearthstone? Let us know in the comments section below.

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