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Are you stuck with the discord mic issue? Is your discord mic not working? If yes, then this blog will easily help you in many aspects. Usually, the microphone glitch occurs when the user tries to hear other members of the channel, but their voice is not captured by the microphone audio. This issue arises particularly with the desktop version of the discord application, while people say that the mobile form of the app works pretty well.

Modern Gamers like to use discord in place of Skype as their primary communication tool for gaming needs. Mostly all the errors are quickly controlled by the development team of discord, but discord mic issue is the thing that took them months to fix. To fix this and to save you from searching irrelevant material on the internet, you can check out the following troubleshooting tips below:

Check the Headset

To do the fix for the discord mic, make clear that your headset is not functioning. If you have an extra headset, you can connect it with your PC and you can see if that’s properly working under discord.

Log Out of Discord

If you want your gaming friends to hear you, do one thing, log out and log in again. This can work fine, but it’s the temporary fix. For a permanent fix, you can simply follow the below points:

  1. Click the user settings icon in the bottom left corner for logging out section of the desktop version of the discord app.
  2. Confirm to log out now.
  3. Scroll down and click on log out and then get on the log out button again for authorization. Be sure that you have to repeat the process a few times till it gets registration.
  4. After you successfully logged out, you can reinsert the login details to log in again and check if your friends are able to hear you.

Run Discord as administrator

Discord uses UDP to send data to your friends, and this is the reason your discord app may not have the right elements to transmit your voice to the internet. For getting rid of discord mic not working issue and making sure that this is not the case, you can try running the discord with administrator rights. This fix is generally provided to you by the discord tech support team. You can easily right-click on the desktop icon and click on “run as administrator”.

Chose Headset Microphone as an Input Device

Check discord has the appropriate microphones or not. Normally you will see the input device is set as default in the discord app. This can be an issue, especially if you use the gaming laptops or computers that have already built-in microphones.

If you don’t select the microphone settings correctly, chances are that the discord app will use the internal microphone even if the headset is connected. Usually, the built-in mics will not need the drivers to work, especially with the VOIP service like discord.

This is what you can do to make sure discord is using the right microphone:

  1. Tap on the user settings icon in the bottom left corner of discord windows. 
  2. Now click on voice & video in the app settings option.
  3. Select the microphone from your headset under the input device of the drop-down menu.

The Ultimate Guide To Discord Mic Issues

We are sure that you will easily follow the above points to make discord mic work correctly. If you are stuck with discord mic issues or you want the best of gaming knowledge online, you can check out our website An online portal where you get guides and troubleshooting and reviews about games and technical devices. Get the best of the knowledge right here for free!

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