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Have you been an avid Overwatch player since day one, or only recently joined the action? Many people are returning to Overwatch since the announcement of Overwatch 2. But that’s very much a topic for another day, as we’re here to discuss the newest Overwatch hero: Sigma.

How to Play Sigma in Overwatch

As the thirty-first hero in the Overwatch roster, Sigma. is a unique and interesting, character. He plays a similar main tank role to Orisa, with mobile shield barriers and a lot of CC (crowd control) in his kit.

Read on for a comprehensive guide on how to play Sigma.

Sigma’s Basic Abilities

Let’s start with the basics and discuss Sigma’s abilities, i.e. his attack and his shield attributes. Nothing about Sigma is dull and ordinary. His Hyperspheres are a very unique primary fire option.

With this attack, Sigma launches two spheres from his hand that explode on contact with the enemy, causing moderate damage. These spheres lock on to a target, but won’t go behind obstacles and follow them around corners.

Sigma has unlimited primary firing ammo, but the recharge time is significant (about 2-3 seconds), especially in a fast-paced game like Overwatch. Logically, the best range to use Sigma’s attack is close-quarters, in tight indoor chokepoints.

At this point, it’s worth mentioning that this primary attack deals splash damage, and bounces off solid objects (not players). When the orbs bounce back at you, they’ll damage you as well.

Sigma’s Basic Abilities

Sigma’s Shield

Even though the primary attack is bread and butter to any Overwatch character, we feel like Sigma’s shield, a.k.a. Experimental Barrier, is also crucial in his kit. If you’re a PC gamer, this would be your RMB (right mouse button) option as opposed to LMB (left mouse button) – the primary attack option.

Sigma’s shield is similar to the one used by Orisa – a barrier you can use in close proximity to shield yourself and your allies. The shield was already significantly nerfed by Overwatch developers, sporting a whopping 1500 hit points, while currently it only has 900 (December 2019).

This ability works similar to Reinhardt’s shield, i.e. it regenerates when not in use. When your opponents break your shield, it’s best advised to disengage from combat until the shield regenerates fully (or at least halfway).

Sigma’s shield is better than Orisa’s because you can reposition it whenever you please, instead of waiting for the cooldown. Overall, it’s a very flexible and useful defensive tool.

Sigma’s Shield


Accretion is Sigma’s CC ability. If you’re on PC, it’s activated with the E button by default. This ability takes some time to charge, and when you release the button, it hurls boulders at your enemies, damaging them and briefly knocking them down.

The hitbox of this ability is huge, so you can catch multiple players off-guard. You need to be sneaky to accomplish this, since it’s a slow ability. Pro top: for best results, hide behind a corner when using this ability and quickly unleash it on your unsuspecting enemies.

Accretion is also a great pushing tool. You can use it to knock enemies off cliffs, just like Lucio’s RMB ability. In Overwatch, this is commonly referred to as “booping”, as you boop the enemy into almost certain death.


Kinetic Grasp

Kinetic Grasp is Sigma’s LSHIFT ability, a secondary shield ability, yet highly effective if timed properly. The best way to use this ability is in the middle of enemy fire, i.e. when your primary shield barrier bursts or when you disable it.

Kinetic Grasp will absorb the damage from your enemies, turning it into an added shield bar displayed next to your health bar. You can also bait out enemy attacks with this ability and use your RMB shield afterward.

This ability can mean the difference between life and death. If you’re defending an important chokepoint or objective, hold on to it as long as possible.

sigma how to play

Sigma’s Ultimate Ability: Gravitic Flux

Sigma’s ultimate is really cool-looking and impactful. This is the Q button ability on PC. When you use it, Sigma flies into the air and targets a huge area on the ground. After you press the Q button again, it releases a wave that launches hit enemies into the air and keeps them floating for a couple of seconds.

How to Play Sigmaplay sigma

It also deals with significant damage, but is best used in combination with your team’s damaging abilities. If timed correctly, its CC component has massive potential for a full team wipe. You can use Gravitic Flux to quickly change your position, but that shouldn’t be your primary goal.

The best teammate combos for Sigma’s ultimate and general playstyle are outlined below.

Sigma Combo Tips

Finally, here are some tips for actual in-game situations with Sigma. You’ll notice straight off the bat that Sigma is very slow. Therefore, having Lucio as support to boost your speed isn’t a bad idea. Sigma offers a lot of sustain, which means prolonged team fights.

Zarya offers much of the same, and she pairs great with the newest tank in Overwatch. Her ultimate works well with Sigma, either used after or before Sigma uses his. We suggest using Zarya’s ultimate after Sigma locks down several enemies with his Gravitic Flux.

To top it off, Pharah seems like a great damage dealer to follow up on Sigma’s ultimate with a massive area of effect damage. McCree is also great if you have good coordination. Hanzo’s ultimate is pretty easy to hit and follow up Sigma’s CC.

Thanks to his shield, Bastion works well with Sigma, but he can also dish out great damage to pinned down enemies. Reaper is also a solid choice for a teammate on close-quarter maps.

Parting Advice

Sigma is an excellent main tank in Overwatch, but it’s recommended to have another tank, or better bruiser (off tank) for support. Lucio is great with Sigma, but he isn’t quite the main healer Sigma needs to stay alive when his shield is down.

Try and run Sigma in a 2x2x2 comp, having two supports, two damage dealers, and an additional tank. This should be an optimal setup, but always take into consideration the current meta of the game, and apply it to your team composition for best results.

How do you like Sigma? Let us know in the comments section below.

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