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As most streamers on can attest to, listening to music while gaming is practically a must. Having the beat match the rhythm of the heart thumping in your chest during an epic, intense gaming moment is an awesome feeling. So much so that you’ll want to share that feeling with those in your Discord.

How To Play Music in Discord

Of course, there’s the chance that you may just want to “rock out”, enjoying the company of your fellow server members listening along. There’s nothing wrong with that at all. You might even help a few of them discover some great new tunes.

Regardless of the reason, music and gaming are a match made in Valhalla and the union should be enjoyed every chance you get.

There are two primary ways to play music on Discord without sacrificing sound quality, not only for yourself but for your mates as well.

Adding Music to Discord

The ways in which I know to play music through Discord are:

  1. A Discord Bot. We’ll be specifically looking into Rythm for this article.
  2. Setting up Spotify with Discord. We’ll also touch on the Listen Along feature for Premium Spotify subscribers.

So if you’ve ever wanted to stream your favorite songs in Discord, these are your best bet. Below, you’ll find the walkthroughs for each of these options.

Keep in mind that the quality of sound will vary depending on your choice. Though, whichever you choose, you’ll be blasting sounds into your Discord in no time at all.

Rythm, The Discord Music Bot

Rythm is a Discord music bot focused and dedicated to a singular goal – delivering an amazing music experience on Discord. There are a lot of well-documented bots available but Rythm is a great choice that’s free. The dedicated amount of high-quality, music-related features is unrivaled and constantly being updated and worked on.

Need help adding Bots to Discord? This article will help you add the right bots to your Discord Server.

Rythm supports many different sources of music including YouTube, SoundCloud, Twitch, and more. It also boasts 100% stability meaning no lag in your music, ever.

Before you can install Rythm (or any bot) to Discord, you’ll need to be either the owner of the server you want to install it on or have the necessary permissions. Without them, you’ll need to skip this option and choose one of the other two in the article to play music on Discord.

To install Rythm on a Personal Computer (or Mac):

  1. Pull up your web browser of choice (all should work with Rythm) and head to
  2. Located at the top-right of the page, click + Add to Discord. This action will bring you to the Discord login screen. (If you’re using another Bot source this may differ from “Invite” to “Add Bots”)
  3. Enter in your Discord account credentials and login to the site
  4. From the drop-down menu, select the server for which you want the Rythm bot added. You can add the bot to additional servers but will need to repeat the process.
  5. Click the blue Authorize button when presented. It’ll be located toward the bottom of the smaller popup window. You’ll receive a confirmation message.
  6. Put a checkmark into the “I’m not a robot” box and you’ll now have access to your Discord server’s Rythm bot.

Setting Up the Music

  1. Launch the Discord Desktop app on your computer. You can also use the browser version if that’s what you prefer.
  2. From the server list on the leftmost side of the Discord screen, select the server you decided to add Rythm to.
  3. Left-click the on the voice channel you want Rythm to play music in from the list of channels available. A voice channel must be selected for Rythm if you plan on listening to any music. Which, I’m sure hoping is the case or this entire process is pretty pointless.
  4. Type !play followed by a space and the name of the song or artist you want to listen to. Press Enter or Return and Rythm will search for the song or artist on YouTube (or your set music list) and play that song or a song from the artist.
    • You can head to and click on Features & Commands for a list of RYTHM’s !commands. They’ll be found in the column on the right.

To install Rythm on your Android or iOS device:

  1. Follow steps 1-6 for installing Rythm on a Personal Computer (or Mac) and then continue from here.
  2. Launch the Discord app on your device and log in with the appropriate credentials if necessary.
  3. Tap open the menu (top-left of screen) and choose the server you added Rythm to from the list of servers on the leftmost side of the screen.
  4. Tap open a voice channel as you’ll only be able to add Rythm to a voice channel if you want to play music.
  5. Type in !play <song or artist> and hit send for Rythm to begin playing music.

Other Discord Bots

There are several options for Discord Bots that add pleasant audio to your server.

Groovy is a bot that is easy to use and supports customization such as shuffling and showing lyrics. A trusted Bot, it makes a great musical addition to Discord servers.

FredBoat is another popular Bot that lets you add music to your Discord. Similar to the customization of the Groovy bots, FredBoat also lets you control who changes the playlist.

Throw A Music Party On Discord Using Spotify

Spotify is a free (with premium memberships) digital music streaming service that provides access to millions of songs from various global artists. It’s one of the biggest businesses to offer such a service, second only to Apple’s iTunes.

To connect your Spotify to your Discord account is a great feature that allows you to add music without bots.

You can connect Spotify to your Discord by:

  1. Opening Discord on your device and clicking on User Settings, the Cog icon located to the right of your avatar.
  2. Under the “User Settings” section of the menu on the right side, select “Connections”.
  3. Find the Spotify icon in the “Connect your accounts” section and click on it. This will take you to the Spotify account login page.
  4. Login to your account with your Spotify credentials.
  5. Agree to the terms concerning connection between Spotify and Discord by clicking on the green AGREE button at the bottom.
  6. A “Connected your Spotify account to Discord” page will be pulled up when the process is complete.
  7. Back on Discord, scroll down the list to see your Spotify connection.

The options allow you to choose how you want Spotify displayed on your Discord profile. If you’d like to disconnect Spotify from your account, you can click the X at the top-right of the green box. Follow this up by clicking Disconnect to confirm your choice.

Using Listen Along

Listen Along is a premium Spotify feature that allows the members of your server to listen in on the music with you. Listen Along lets you listen in on your friends who are also listening to Spotify regardless if they are using Spotify for free.

Unfortunately, while using this option, you’re unable to communicate using voice chat. You will instead have to use text chat while Listen Along is active.

If you’re currently paying the monthly premium for Spotify, to use Listen Along:

  1. While in Discord, you can click on a member who is “Listening to Spotify” from your friends list or the members list located to the right.
  2. A Listen Along icon should be visible to you. Just click on it to share in your friend’s musical preference.
    • When listening along with a Spotify Free user, you’ll hear silence while adverts are being played.

To invite your friends to Listen Along:

  1. While Spotify is already playing music, click the ‘+’ in your text box to send out invitations.
  2. You can preview the message being sent prior to an invite where you can add a comment if you’d like.
  3. After the invite has been sent, those of your friends who are able to Listen Along can click Join in order to “rock out” with you.

Those friends who are currently listening in will be shown at the bottom left of the Discord app.

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