About Player Assist

Founded on May 24, 2008, by Alex Liu & Edison Liang, PlayerAssist.com began its journey as a leading platform for video game power-leveling and currency trading services. After a brief hiatus, it became a go-to source for gaming how-to guides. As a proud Guiding Tech Media family member since April 2023, our dedication to delivering top-tier gaming content remains relentless.

At Player Assist, our team works hard and is dedicated to providing readers with gaming content they can trust. Whether you are stuck on a certain level or want to know the best builds to dominate your foes in Valorant, we have you covered.

Passion and quality are always at the forefront of every piece we produce. Each of our writers is a gamer to ensure you receive content written by gamers with fellow gamers in mind. Our goal is that every reader leaves Player Assist with their questions answered and the knowledge needed to succeed in their gaming.

We have a constantly growing content library, with nearly 9,000 articles on games like Valorant, GTA, Genshin Impact, Minecraft, and more. Our team crafts every article to answer your questions concisely and expertly. That way, you can get back to what is important, gaming.

Editorial Process & Standards

Our team at Player Assist takes great pride in our content, from the general guides to the in-depth How-tos. We scrutinize each one to ensure they are free of spelling, grammar, and formatting errors. Regardless of the topic, every written article receives the same level of scrutiny.

After the first edit, one final review is done for readability before publishing the article to our audience. Our editors regularly check published articles to ensure they are current with the latest information.

Accuracy and quality are always at the forefront for Player Assist. If we find outdated content, we correct it as quickly as possible. We want our readers always to have access to articles that provide them with up-to-date information.

Additionally, we strive to use inclusive language in all our articles, which is always part of the editing process. It is important to us that every gamer feels safe and seen on Player Assist.

Alongside accuracy and quality, we strive to provide useful and original content. We do not allow plagiarism and require our writers to properly attribute third-party content when applicable.

If you believe we have not fulfilled these goals, you can contact us via our contact page to bring your complaint to our attention.

Content Transparency and Integrity

Part of our mission at Player Assist is to provide transparency to build trust with our readers. When our readers read our articles, we want them to be able to trust in the integrity and expertise of our writers. To accomplish this, every article has the author’s name and a short biography detailing their gaming expertise.

Our writers create all the pictures that are present in Player Assist articles to help provide the information you need to answer your question. Each image is examined during the editorial process to ensure they are high-quality and provide additional helpful context.

Our Team

Meet the team of dedicated writers and editors who make PlayerAssist.com possible:

  • Ash Lynwood – Head Editor: With three years of experience in editing and copywriting, Ash Lynwood helps guide the team and ensures only the best content is released.
  • John Santiago – Writer: An accomplished writer in the PC gaming niche, John stays current on everything FPS and RPG related.
  • Drew Mendrico – Writer: Combining his communications degree with a love for video games, Drew writes about action-adventure games and RPGs.
  • Melizza Tacang – Writer: A part-time writer, Meg enjoys writing about cozy simulation games like Stardew Valley when not busy taking care of her kids.
  • Bayani Acebedo – Writer: A lifelong gamer, Bayani has over six years of experience writing about everything game-related and spends his free time spreading his nerdy knowledge to others.