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Games seem to be taking up more and more of our hard drive space this generation than ever before. That’s probably to be expected with bigger, better looking, more power consuming games, but it is annoying when you have to delete a game just to make space for the next big thing. That’s where we come in with a look at 10 games that won’t take up too much of your hard drive. Now obviously we’re restricting ourselves to 10GB this time around so don’t expect to find triple-A games here. However, sometime in the future we’ll up the GB limit and then we’ll talk triple-A. For now, here is 10 games for under 10GB.
1: NOT A HERO (859.6MB)
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NOT A HERO is a fun, 8-bit style, 2D side-scrolling cover-based-shooter. The story follows a hyper-violent purple bunny rabbit named Buddylord as he runs for election. The problem is Bunnylord is a surprise entry to the polls, so he doesn’t have many followers. With 21 days to go until Election Day Bunnylord plans to use the members of the ‘Bunny Fun Club’ to help him bring ‘justice’ to the streets and win the hearts of the voters.
2: Mega Man Legacy Collection (297.5MB)
Title Screen
Ok so technically this includes six games, but I’ll just include it as one for the purposes of this article. The series started back in 1987, although in my opinion Mega Man doesn’t earn its place in the Video Games’ Hall of Fame until the following year with the release of the second game: Mega Man 2. The games are 8-bit 2D action-platformers in which you can tackle a series of different stages in any order you want. After you beat all of the bosses at the end of each stage you’ll be facing off with the evil Dr Wily.
3: Limbo (188.6MB)
This 2D platformer follows an unnamed protagonist as he searches for his sister, unfortunately for them they’re trapped in limbo. The game features a unique black and white colour palate, an eerie score, challenging puzzles, a spider and some nasty people that throw spears at you.
4: Minecraft (695.8MB)
Does this game even need an introduction? More than likely that’s a no, but I’ll give it one anyway. This started out as an indie title, but considering how big the, now owned by Microsoft, property has grown it could probably be thought of as a triple-A, or at least a mid-tier. Story wise you play as Steve and well that’s really it. You spawn into a randomly generated world, and you dig, craft and build whatever you can think of. There’s all sorts of things trying to kill you and word on the street is you can hunt a dragon.
5: Axiom Verge (254.5MB)
This is a Metriodvania style game, so expect lots of areas that you can’t get into without firstly going to other areas to unlock the thing you need to get in with. Sound fun to you? Well if it does then Axiom is definitely worth your time, money and hard drive space.
6: Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition (791.2MB)
All Juan ever wanted was to be a luchador, but alas he was destined to spend the rest of his life farming. However, when disaster strikes and El Presidente’s daughter, who Juan happens to be in love with, is captured Juan is given his chance to become a luchador and save the damsel in distress. He’ll need to learn some new skills along the way if he wants to have any chance of surviving his adventure.
7: The Escapists (124.8MB)
As the title implies this top-down game has you escaping. To be a little more specific it puts you in the shoes of an inmate escaping from various different prisons. It starts off pretty easy, but things get more difficult as you advance through the game, forcing players to think outside the box to craft, steel and bargain their way to freedom.
8: Super Meat Boy (195.1MB)
While PlayStation might not have access to Super Mario Bros. it does have Super Meat Boy. This one actually came with Plus about a month or two ago, so you may already own it. You take on the role of Meat Boy as he travels through various platforming levels to rescue his princess from a castle to rescue his girlfriend: Bandage Girl. The game is really fun, although it gets extremely challenging as you progress through it.
9: Valiant Hearts (1.32GB)
If Toy Story 3 caused you to tear up then Valiant Hearts will have you crying your eyes out – Pure PlayStation takes no responsibility if they actually do fall out. The game follows the intertwined story of four different characters, and a dog, as they struggle to survive the horrors of World War 1. It has an amazing yet simple art style, brought to you by the guys and girls behind Rayman.
10: The Walking Dead – Season 1 (4.46GB)
At this stage I could have revised the list and went for the more impressive title of  ‘10 PS4 Games For Under 5GB.’ However, instead of doing that I’ll stick with the original plan and use the left over GB’s to add the first season of Telltale’s wonderful The Walking Dead. The game follows the emotional journey of Lee and Clementine through a version of America that’s being ravaged by the living dead. Player choice plays a huge role here as you have a massive impact on the story. The best part is season 2 was recently included on PS Plus, so you may already have that.
That’s a grand total of 9.189GB
Not too bad for ten games, right? Or 16 games if you break up the Mega Man Legacy Collection! As I mentioned in the introduction I’ll be increasing the GB limit in a future article in the hopes of fitting in a few triple-A games. In the meantime keep Pure PlayStation in mind for all of your PlayStation news.

10 PS4 Games Under 10GB

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