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When building a PC or playing games, everybody talks about raw gaming performance from GPUs, which CPU to get, and similar stuff. But no one talks about which mouse to get.

7 Best Claw Grip Mice For Gaming

Why is this so? The mouse is probably one of a gaming machine’s most essential parts, if not the most. Having the best mouse will ensure that you’re at your peak performance.

Now, checking out the best grip that works for you is essential. Today, we will cover the best claw grip mice, but there are also palm grip and fingertip grip mice, so be sure to check out which one best works for you.

Also, I am not just talking about FPS games; a good mouse can make a difference in any game—especially claw grip mice.

The Best Gaming Mice for a Claw Grip

For the best claw grip gaming mouse, we tried to give you the best choice available:

Razer Naga Trinity – Best MMORPG Claw Grip Mouse

best mmorpg claw grip mouse for gaming

We choose this mouse because of its modular side panel. Upon purchase of the mouse, you will get three side panels which you can change on your own.

These three panels are panels from their other model mice. One has the usual two buttons from the Razer DeathAdder, the other has seven circular buttons from the Naga Hex, and the last has 12 side buttons from the standard Naga.

There is much versatility. One of these three options excels at one game style and vice versa. This means you can have your best mouse, depending on your game.

There is not much to say. It is a Razer mouse. You can expect the best mouse qualities like 16k DPI, optical sensors, RGB, and mechanical switches.

It is a relatively old mouse but still better than some of our choices today. Also, it is not that pricy either.

  • Connection: Cable;
  • Buttons: 9 / 14 / 19;
  • RGB: Yes;
  • DPI: 16k;

Logitech G502 HERO – Best Performance Claw Grip Mouse

best gaming performance claw grip mouse

This mouse is probably the most futuristic and technologically advanced on this list. Its design seems to be taken directly from Cyberpunk 2077.

Nonetheless, the point is that the optical sensors for tracking are the best in the world. They’re probably the most accurate optical sensors in a mouse, period.

With its application, you can change almost anything, like DPI range, game profiles, weight, RGB lighting, etc.

Sadly, if you are not playing FPS games, then the technology of this mouse can be wasted a bit. Do not get me wrong, it is an excellent mouse for other games, but ultra-precise optical sensors for something like GTA V can be slightly overkill.

Even though that is true, it has 11 programmable buttons, which means it can work in some MMOs, MOBAs, RPGs, and more. However, it seems like this mouse is all around the place instead of focusing on one thing.

Its design and grip might not be for everyone, but overall, the technology in this mouse is highly-advanced, hence why it made it in this list of best gaming mice for claw grip.

  • Connection: Cable;
  • Buttons: 11;
  • RGB: Yes;
  • DPI: 16k;

Glorious Model O – Best Affordable Claw Grip Mouse

best affordable claw grip mouse

Frankly, I could not wait to share this mouse with you. Even though it might not have all of the latest features, sharp edges, and the best buttons, it quickly won my heart.

Without a moment’s hesitation, I would get this mouse instead of the other ones that are listed. Nevertheless, that is my preference, and not everything is good with this mouse.

What I love about it is that it does not have those extra-sharp edges like the G502, which I do not see the point of. Instead, it has gradual curves, sort of like art.

Do not get me started on the design, too, whew. That is the main thing that made me realize that Glorious is not a force to be reckoned with, especially in format.

Also, it is very light and can be great for those with medium or big hands. Sadly, this mouse is not for left-handed people. This is because the side buttons are only on one side, which makes for an uncomfortable left-handed experience.

Model O has a lower DPI than the previous two, but that is to be expected from a cheaper and not well-known mouse. It has its configuration tool too.

  • Connection: Cable;
  • Buttons: 6;
  • RGB: Yes;
  • DPI: 12k;

BenQ ZOWIE FK1 – Best FPS Claw Grip Mouse

best fps claw grip mouse 1

Simple, yet effective. This claw grip mouse is the number one e-sports choice for many professionals. I believe that its simple design and size are the reason for that.

Most of you might already be done with me complaining about the weird trend where mouse designs now have to be like knives. Why so? If you want a mouse design proven and established in the FPS e-sports scene, then the ZOWIE FK1 is for you.

It does not have cutting-edge technology, but you can be sure that if you are an FPS player, you will have much more performance than others with the mice listed above.

This BenQ model has a 3310 optical sensor with DPI ranging from 400 to 3200, a relatively good tracking experience. This mouse will work for both left and right-handed people, and it is comfortable to hold for both sides.

Sadly, there is no configuration software for this model, but as you can see, the objective of this mouse is to be as simple as possible. DPI can be changed on the mouse.

  • Connection: Wired;
  • Buttons: 6;
  • RGB: No;
  • DPI: 3200;

Razer Viper Ultimate – Best Wireless Claw Grip Mouse

best gaming wireless claw grip mouse

There is no getting around the fact that Razer has dominated the market for the last few years. Slowly, they became the “safe” choice when it comes to gaming mice, and this mouse proves that exact point.

One of the most, if not the most, advanced wireless gaming mice out there. Twenty thousand DPI might not sound like a lot, but the keyword here is “wireless.”

DPI, for those who are not aware, is dots per inch. The more bubbles, the smoother and more stable the tracking experience and movement.

It has perfect feet that are PTFE. This makes the mouse feel as though it glides on the mouse pad. Clicks and buttons feel relatively smooth and less on the mechanical side.

The most important aspect is probably its IPS. It has a 650 IPS distance, undoubtedly the most significant distance your mouse can cover in a second. Works for both right and left-handed people.

You can expect a battery life of about 60-75 hours, and the RGB might drain the battery quite. However, from our experience, the charging feels pretty fast, so you don’t have to worry that much.

  • Connection: Wireless;
  • Buttons: 8;
  • RGB: Yes;
  • DPI: 20k;

SteelSeries Rival 3 – Best Budget Claw Grip Mouse

best gaming budget claw grip mouse

If you ever wanted to enter the SteelSeries hype, this is the best mouse if you want to convert without spending serious cash.

This mouse has some similar objectives to the ZOWIE FK1. Its simple and robust design is accessible on the same level as the BenQ, and the buttons are its vital point.

In other words, the buttons feel like a mechanical click without being sluggish or slow. Every click will feel crisp and consistent. It gives you the highest quality think out of the best mice for the claw grip line-up.

Sadly, it does not have many modes like high DPI, different sensor technologies, and similar, but if you are thinking between the Rival 3 and the ZOWIE FK1, then the choice is quite simple.

The community mostly feels very festive about this mouse, and the main talking point seems to be the price and ergonomics.

There are some drawbacks, though. For example, the scroll wheel seems to stutter and not go down that much, and the side buttons can feel like you are pushing a mountain. They start harassing you and go down; the trigger point is relatively easy.

I guess this was SteelSeries’s way to mitigate missed clicks, but I would rather have a few clicks instead of fighting with my mouse.

It does make up for that in its weight. The Rival 3 is only 77 grams, which makes it easy to handle.

  • Connection: Wired;
  • Buttons: 6;
  • RGB: Yes;
  • DPI: 8.5k;

Razer DeathAdder v2 – Best Overall Gaming Claw Grip Mouse

best overall gaming claw grip mouse

To no surprise to everyone, the DeathAdder v2 made it to this list. Not just the v2, but all of the DeathAdder line-ups could have ended up in this list.

Nevertheless, a common misconception is that it is not precisely a claw grip mouse. On the contrary, this mouse can be the best in its class for a claw grip mouse.

Let me clarify. The only reason that people are in that position is because of this mouse’s state-of-the-art design. It is just unparalleled.

It has the only Focus+ 20k DPI sensor that will analyze and calibrate the mouse travel in real time and on all surfaces. Razer’s motto is never to change a running system.

That is precisely what they avoided doing with the DeathAdder remake! They changed a few things to things the new version DeathAdderof more in tune with the times, but apart from that, nothing else.

Of course, functionality and the software are among the most significant Razer selling points. There is no getting around it; Razer has; Razerest mouse configurator suite out there.

The second version of the DeathAdder has Razer’s Speedflex cable, which will minimize drag and ensure you get the smoothest control.

  • Connection: Wired;
  • Buttons: 8;
  • RGB: Yes;
  • DPI: 20k;

Things to Be Careful of When Buying a Claw Grip Mouse

Before you go out and buy one of these mice, please make sure that you have taken into consideration the following things:


Despite what everyone says about this or that sensor, that pales compared to ergonomics.

I suggest looking at the pictures of the mice and trying to worry whether it would be comfortable for your hand. Even better would be going to a store and trying to hold the mice you have considered.

best gaming claw grip mouse


This is based on preference. For example, I like heavier mice, but most people choose lighter mice that are easy to handle.

You can try a similar-weight object from your house on your desk and figure out whether you are a heavy or light mouse holder.

Most of this list’s best claw grip mice were average weight, with some slight exceptions.


Even though I said the DPI is not as important as ergonomics, it still plays a huge factor. A higher DPI means a lot smoother and more realistic mouse movement.

Also, ensure that the sensor is a newer technology, not an old sensor with high DPI output.

Left and Right-Handed

Are specific mice better for left-handed or right-handed people? Yes. Some mice work much better for left-handed people; their whole placement and buttons are reversed.

So, based on your primary hand, there are some excellent choices for left- and right-handed people. There are some in this list that work great both ways.

Last Words

Mouse technology has advanced quite a bit in the last couple of years. Some interesting new concepts and mice with new features have made it to this best gaming mouse for claw grip list.

Realistically, you will not go wrong with any of the choices above; it is just that you will need to find what works best for you.

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