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Sometimes, event pets in Adopt Me have a much higher value than the regular pets. This is because they were only available for a limited time, and because they are more unique on average.

Adopt Me: Artic Fox – How Much is Artic Fox Worth?

In the Christmas Event in December, 2019, the Artic Fox was introduced along with ten other very unique pets. All of them were available only then, and now they can only be obtained by trading.

But if you are trading an Artic Fox, how much is it worth? This is always good to know before you trade pets.

How Much is the Artic Fox Worth? – Adopt Me


If you have a Christmas egg you can get the Artic Fox still, but it is highly unlikely since the drop chance is very low considering how much other pets are in the roster.

Its appearance is relatively unique. However, it might have similarities with other common pets, the only distinguishable thing is the pure white fur it has. Many argue that this doesn’t look like a fox at all, and I would agree.

Nonetheless, someone might want it. So, let’s answer the most pressing question. How much is the Artic Fox worth in Adopt Me?

Unlike other ultra-rare pets, the Artic Fox is not worth a legendary pet for it.

This came a bit surprising, but like I said above, there are close similarities to other common pets which makes the Artic Fox not that desirable.

It seems as though that they had copied another pet and made some small changes to that template. This pet was one of the least wanted pet back in December of 2019 when the event was live.

There was not much information to go on, because of low interest, but in a recent poll we saw that 21 of 46 players feel that it isn’t worth that much. I guess that was expected. Nevertheless, if you are selling one, look for someone who is really interested.

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