37 million people played Uncharted 4; that’s a lot


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Five years ago today, Uncharted 4 released on PlayStation 4 and went on to become one of the console’s hottest sellers. The game sold 2.7 million copies in its first week, and had moved over 15 million copies by the time May 2019 had rolled around. In April 2020, Uncharted 4 became one of the free PlayStation Plus games for the month, ensuring more players could get their hands on it. The result: fast forward to this moment, and — according to Naughty Dog — 37 million people have played Uncharted 4. That is a staggering figure.

37 million people played Uncharted 4; that's a lot

Naughty Dog shared some other stats, too, that are equally as impressive. The studio noted in its tweet that 13.3 million people chose to partake in Uncharted 4 multiplayer (those same people are probably wondering where The Last of Us 2‘s multiplayer is at right now). Also, 9.5 million players turned on some kind of accessibility option, showing there is a player base who will use those and they’re worth including.

Other stats shared:

9.8 million played with the lemur in the market

7.5 million players played Marco Polo (again)

2 million players climbed to the very top of the Clocktower

12 million players hit all the targets in the attic with the toy gun

2 million took a photo of Sully

If nothing else, this makes me a little sad that we may not see the Uncharted series again for a while. It’s not clear where Naughty Dog could go with it, save for following Chloe and Nadine on some more adventures. (The Lost Legacy is actually my favorite Uncharted game. You should play it.)

But hey — the times were fun while they were here. And there’s at least an Uncharted movie to look forward to, even if we never see Nathan Drake and his merry crew of bandits again afterward.

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