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Crossover events in video and mobile games are not rare, as many titles have seen beloved characters being playable in other franchises. In the case of AFK Arena, there was a crossover with the popular anime, Overlord. Players got Ainz Ooal Gown, the skeletal ruler of the Tomb of Nazarick featured in the show.

How to Get Ainz in AFK Arena

As a mighty hero, Ainz is worth the effort it takes to farm for resources. Even if the event is long over, the developers may choose to rerun it, so look at how you got this character from a past event.

Getting Ainz Ooal Gown in AFK Arena

The “Horror and Beauty from Another World” event ran from October 29 to December 28, 2020. Players who accumulated 60 Hero Shards during the event could get him immediately.

It was only from December 22 to 28 that players could exchange their shards for Ainz. Thus, you had just over two months of farming to get all the needed resources.

Players who did not want Ainz Ooal Gown during the event could choose Albedo.

Other than spending your money, here are the trades you need to get Ainz Ooal Gown’s Hero Shards.

  • 40,000 Hero Coins

To get this many Hero Coins, you must summon Heroes 483 times.

  • 40,000 Guild Coins

34 Wrizz fights will result in earning this many Guild Coins.

  • 200,000 Labyrinth Tokens

Getting 200,000 Labyrinth Tokens is possible if you clear the Labyrinth’s Hard Mode 40 times.

  • 199,995 Gladiator Coins

Playing in the Legends Challenger Tournament for about three or four weeks could have net players this many Coins and Tokens.

These figures were the highest possible exchanges for Ainz Ooal Gown’s Hero Shards. However, you needed two of the four trades above to get 60 of his Shards. If you were saving any of these currencies, such as Labyrinth Tokens and Gladiator Coins, exchanging the above would have let you get Ainz.

There was a priority as to which currencies you should’ve aimed for during this event:

  1. Guild Coins
  2. Labyrinth Tokens
  3. Hero Coins
  4. Gladiator Tokens

While we mentioned that you could’ve picked Ainz or Albedo, players with excellent resource management and budgeting could have also gotten both.

Labyrinth Tokens are one of the best choices to farm, and you can increase the number of coins from each run. Here’s the list:

  • The Chalice from the Field of Stars, up to 45% more Labyrinth Tokens;
  • A 10% boost from purchasing a monthly subscription;
  • Reaching VIP 13 for a 50% boost;
  • VIP 14 increases the bonus to 100%, but without stacking with the previous VIP level’s bonus;

As you can only get 200,000 of these Tokens at once, you should exchange them for Shards as soon as possible.

Ainz Ooal Gown’s Skills

These are Ainz’s four skills and their descriptions:

Fallen Down

As one of his primary skills, Ainz chants for five seconds and deals 460% damage to all enemies; if he gets interrupted, he will recover 500 Energy. At Level 81, the damage is 520% and increased to 560% at Level 161.

Magic Caster

Upon casting this skill, Ainz’s regular attacks are modified to the following abilities in a cycle:

  • Call Greater Thunder: 240% damage to a target
  • Gravity Maelstrom: 210% damage to one enemy and surrounding targets
  • True Dark: 180 damage to one target, which also prevents them from using their Ultimate for five seconds

At Level 11, Call Greater Thunder’s damage becomes 270%. Gravity Maelstrom becomes stronger at Level 101, rising to 230% damage. Additionally, at Level 181, True Dark’s effect is extended by three more seconds.

The Goal of All Life Is Death

After 24 seconds in a battle, all enemies lose 30% HP and are stunned for four seconds. The HP loss improves to 40% at Level 141 and 50% at Level 201.

Steady Preparations

Ainz gets a shield with 40% of his max health’s durability at the beginning of the battle, lasting for six seconds. During the shields’ uptime, he chants, and every second gets the following buffs:

  • 4% Attack Rating buff
  • 8% Defense Rating buff
  • 70 Energy

At Level 141, the buffs are improved by 2% each. Reaching Level 221 lets Ainz get 50 Crit Amplification points and 30 Attack Speed points once he gets six buffs.

The King of Darkness

Getting such a powerful hero for free is possible in AFK Arena, though you will have to farm intensely. Even so, you can take advantage of his and Albedo’s synergy.

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