All Honkai Impact 3 Codes Tested in November 2022



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Honkai Impact 3 is an animated 3D free-to-play action, Gacha role-playing game that MiHoyo specially developed. This game has good animation, effects, and good-looking characters that will keep you excited about dressing it up with costumes and accessories! Like in Genshin Impact, this game features PvP, questing, dungeons, and adventures and can be played single or multiplayer. You can switch between your characters depending on the role that you want to use. In this game, you can bind your character’s skill combos and create wonderful and powerful skill effects as you battle with your nemesis in-game. Earn more coins to strengthen and beautify your characters to start your journey and dominate the battlefield in the open world!

All Honkai Impact 3 Codes Tested in November 2022

All Honkai Impact 3 Codes for Crystals, Coins, Costumes, and Rare Items Tested in November 2022

Fortunately, the game developers are generous enough to spare codes for free coins, rare items, and costumes for our hard-core players who are low on crystals! On special occasions, these codes can also surprisingly reward you with  Asterites, mithril, trial cards, and exclusive cosmetics.

Honkai Impact 3 Active Codes

We made a list of active and updated codes that you can use to redeem your freebies. We highly advise you to use the codes as soon as possible because they will only last for a short period of time. We assure you that the codes here on our site are constantly updated by our monitoring team so that you won’t miss the rewards! Also, please input the codes EXACTLY how it was listed below to avoid errors. You can also copy and paste the codes from our list to ensure they function.

TYCAPTAINCrystals (New)
4B6SG8ADZTN8Coins and Crystals (New)
Starless Rift (x1)
1 Battlesuit Trial Card Option (New)
TAIXUN200 Crystals
TRUELOVE30 Crystals
3k Asterites
SSS Trial Card Option (x1)
3k Asterites
Stamina Potion (x1)
JKSSDNFNL58LK30 Crystals
2,888 Asterites
SSS Trial Card Option (x1)

Honkai Impact 3 Expired Codes

We also tracked the old and expired codes, so if players want to see what codes have been deactivated, they can do so by checking our codes list. If you could use these codes before they were halted, you wouldn’t have to worry about your freebies! All claimed rewards will not be lost even when the code has expired.

JKSSDNFNL58LK30 Crystals
3k Asterites
SSS Trial Card Option (x1)
QB6BY964E34B100 Crystals
CTNTH8T52RXJ30 Crystals
2,888 Asterites
SSS Trial Card Option (x1)
APONIAV579,999 Coins
Battlesuit Trial Card Option (x1)
Starless Rift (x1)
GOLDENAGE200 Crystals
CUTECAT60 Crystals
PARDOFELIS160 Crystals
CAN200 Crystals
STARGATERUNNER2022100 Crystals
HI3SPRING100 Crystals
LOVESTAN100 Crystals
HOLYBLADE9,999 Coins
Battlesuit Trial Card Option (x1)
Starless Rift (x1)
CBNSH9BMJW3330 Crystals
2,888 Asterites
SSS Trial Card Option (x1)
YTPTHQAL3WLB120 Crystals
ARAHATO202220 Crystals
Limited Arahato a Disk (x150)
8ANSY9BLJXL360 Crystals
NTNSH9S5KXMX60 Crystals
TIANYUAN200 Crystals
LYLESDGS50 Crystals
TIMIDOICICLEStamina Potion (x2)
2,888 Asterites
BRONYA0019BC50 Crystals
BRONYA1239,999 Coins
Herrscher of Flamescion Trial Card (3 days) (x1)
Starless Rift (x1)
TT6SH8A5JWXF30 Crystals
2,888 Asterites
SSS Trial Card Option (x1)
APHO260 Crystals
SILVERWING160 Crystals
BRONYANEX200 Crystals
GT7SGQSL3ECX30 Crystals
2,888 Asterites
SSS Trial Card Option (x1)
SWEETGIRL9,999 Coins
Herrscher of Flamescion Trial Card (3 days) (x1)
Starless Rift (x1)
9B7AG9TM3FCK60 Crystals
BA7AH9A43WD760 Crystals
PB6BY9BLKXCB200 Crystals
OUROBOROS9,999 Coins
Herrscher of Flamescion Trial Card (3 days) (x1)
Starless Rift (x1)
MT6TGQB4JFTT60 Crystals
ST7SG8ALJG8760 Crystals
QB6SHRSLJZQ3200 Crystals
EAPTY8TL2ZRB30 Crystals
2,888 Asterites
SSS Trial Card Option (x1)
Herrscher of Flamescion Trial Card (3 days) (x1)
Starless Rift (x1)
ELYSIA0260 Crystals
MOTHS1060 Crystals
RTPAZ8A4KZ7F200 Crystals
EAPAG8TLKG2T30 Crystals
2,888 Asterites
SSS Trial Card Option (x1)
OOHSUMMER9,999 Mithril
Herrscher of Flamescion Trial Card (3 days) (x1)
Starless Rift (x1)
7APTHQT52HLP60 Crystals
BB7SY8T52Y5K60 Crystals
EUUYGC4WRF200 Crystals
500 Asterites
GVYEGG5NPX60 Crystals
SSS Trial Card (x1)
Starless Rift (x1)
2B7TZ8TMJZGF30 Crystals
BSPBHRS5KY3360 Crystals
WSNSZRA4JZ360 Crystals
TB6BZQT43YZT200 Crystals
SEELECUTE9,999 Mithril
Herrscher of Flamescion Trial Card (3 days) (x1)
Starless Rift (x1)
GMUGGG2X7X150 Crystals
GMUGHCLS5X60 Crystals
ELUY8G2T9P60 Crystals
YVUGGCJX9X60 Crystals
YVYGGGLT3760 Crystals
TeRiRi’s Treasure Map (x1)
GUYW9CKPP780 Crystals
EVUEGCKP7F120 Crystals
GLUYHCMP3P100 Crystals
GUUE8C5T5F60 Crystals
WLUGHCMSMF140 Crystals
GMUWGCKTM780 Crystals
YLYEGC5N9760 Crystals
EUYW9G5SPF60 Crystals
YLUGHG3SP760 Crystals
GUYY8C5S5P120 Crystals
YUYE8C3K3P300 Crystals
EUYYGCMJ7F60 Crystals
EUUG9AUNP760 Crystals
YLUGHAAWKX9,999 Mithril
Battlesuit Trial Card (3 days) (x1)
Starless Rift (x1)
WLYW9ASN7F50 Crystals
GLYW8EUXMP50 Crystals
GLYGHASP7P60 Crystals
YUYG8EUTPF60 Crystals
EVUGGACW5P60 Crystals
YUYW8AUW5X120 Crystals
EUYWGEUT7P9,999 Mithril
Herrscher of Flamescion Trial Card (3 days) (x1)
Starless Rift (x1)
ELYW9AATRX60 Crystals
ELUG8AAS7X2,000 Asterites
GMYG9ASJ5760 Crystals
GLYWHEAT5F60 Crystals
WMUGHEVNP7120 Crystals
WLYW8ATPKX60 Crystals
GMUEGEVWMPThanksgiving Turkey (x1)
Black Friday Pack (x5)
Black Friday Coupon Bundle (x1)
GMUGGEVP3760 Crystals
YUUY8AVW7F60 Crystals
S-rank Trial Card Option
GUYXDWUX5X60 Crystals
YLUE8ABW5X60 Crystals
GMYYGAVN5760 Crystals
ELYW8ABTPX120 Crystals
WVYG9ETKPP60 Crystals
GUYF4WUJPX60 Crystals
GLYH4SUJP760 Crystals
YMYFCWUJRXMooncake Giftbox (x1)
YLUX5WAKR760 Crystals
YVUZ4SSK7F60 Crystals
GVUH4WUS3760 Crystals
GVUYGATTM760 Crystals
200 Asterites
WVYY9ADJ7H1,000 Asterites
WVYYGETS7R60 Crystals
500 Asterites
GLYHDWAJ9760 Crystals
WVYZCSCT9FStamina Potion (x1)
YLYZ4SBXPF60 Crystals
ELUX4WTX3G60 Crystals
200 Asterites
Herrscher of Thunder Trial Card (3 Days) (x1)
GVUZ5WDP7X60 Crystals
200 Asterites
GUYHDWTPP760 Crystals
EUUF4WBX37100 Crystals
YUYX5STJR760 Crystals
EUYX5SVJ3F100 Crystals
GMYHDSVS9P30 Crystals
EMYZ5S2WKF30 Crystals
ELYF4W4WPP60 Crystals
GVYZ5S4PRF60 Crystals
200 Asterites
EUYZ4S4P3F60 Crystals
200 Asterites
WLUH4W2X760 Crystals
200 Asterites
WVYZDSJTKY100,000 Coins
EVYX4SLP5X60 Crystals
YVYFDS2N98Stamina Potion (x1)
GMYZCW4JP860 Crystals
WLYHCW4SMP100 Crystals
100,000 Coins
WVYXDW2K3F100 Crystals
YMUZCS2K7P50 Crystals
WVYFCS4K5X60 Crystals
EMUH4W3NRP80 Crystals
EMYFDW3P7Y60 Crystals
EUUH4WKW3P60 Crystals
HMUECECT5860 Crystals
YVUHDW3P9X60 Crystals
YLGQ8Y2N3780 Crystals
GUWNGGUKMX120 Crystals
EMS89GDN3X100 Crystals
YMSNGGBX5X100 Crystals
WLS8HGCW5P80 Crystals
ELWQHCVWM780 Crystals
GUWQ8GBN5P80 Crystals
YVS8HCBSKX60 Crystals
WVS68GTJKP80 Crystals
EMS68GDJMX100 Crystals
GVW8HGTKMP80 Crystals
WMS68CBT3760 Crystals
EUS8GC2K9Y80 Crystals
EUWQ8GLWMX15,000 Coins
YLWN9G2XRPStamina Potion (x1)
EMSQ8C2N3X60 Crystals
YLSN8CLW3760 Crystals
WMW8GGDT57120 Crystals
ELWQ9CJP9X80 Crystals
WMW69CLW9P80 Crystals
WLSN9G2SM780 Crystals
WMWQ8CLT3780 Crystals
EUSQ9G2J9X80 Crystals
WMSR5SSS77100 Crystals
100,000 Coins
GMWPDSUK9F60 Crystals
YLW95SCK5P30 Crystals
30,000 Coins
EUW7CSDWKF60 Crystals
YVS95WVPKP60 Crystals
YLWRCSDNR7100 Crystals
30,000 Coins
YMWRCWVX7X100 Crystals
30,000 Coins
YMWP4SBNRX80 Crystals
WLSRDSDP7760 Crystals
GVS94WDX5F60 Crystals
YLSRDWBP5780 Crystals
EVS7DS3S9F60 Crystals
EMWPCWKJ5P60 Crystals
YVSYHGCWPP20,000 Coins
Reinforced 50% Captain EXP Chip (x2)

How Do I Redeem Freebies using the Codes in Honkai Impact 3?

Here’s how to claim the rewards using the active codes on our list. You might find this guide handy if you’re new to this game. Just follow these simple steps to enjoy your freebies.

  1. On your phone, launch Honkai Impact 3.
    h1.1 1
  2. Click your player ID on the top-left corner of your screen.
    h1.2 1
  3. Hit “Account.”
    h1.3 1
  4. Copy or type the code from our list, then paste it into the “Exchange Rewards” box.
    h1.4 1
  5. Press “Get” to enjoy your freebies.
    h1.5 copy
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