Ary and the Secret of Seasons Developers Are Working to Squish Some Bugs


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In my limited exposure to programming, I learned that all programs have issues. At least, all of mine did. In case you encounter any in Ary and the Secret of Seasons, the developer put up a blog post today to talk about some bugs that have been discovered and the plan to fix them. You can see the full list of known PS4 issues at the bottom.
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When talking about the game, the developers are grateful for the fan’s support and talk about how they are working to resolve these problems ASAP by saying:

Ary and the Secret of Seasons Developers Are Working to Squish Some Bugs

“On behalf of eXiin and Modus Games, thanks for your continuous support of Ary and the Secret of Seasons! We hope you are enjoying your time in Valdi so far, and for everyone else, we cannot wait for you to master the seasons and become the hero of your own story. Ary was a very ambitious project for both of our teams, and we will be continuously monitoring your feedback to address any issues, bugs, or general problems along the way to make sure everyone has the best experience possible. We have already identified a few issues which we are working on resolving right away.”

If you do find something else amiss, you can report any bugs you find on Discord to put it on the developer’s radar.
  Known Issues

  • Screen tearing
  • Low FPS in specific areas (for example, Winter Temple boss fight)
  • In “Escape from the Mines” chase, if you die at a trap during the chase the main quest resets. To avoid the issue, reload the game and avoid dying to traps. Note: if you get the issue, you can continue playing as normal, but your quest display will be outdated
  • During the Winter Golem boss fight, if you stop moving after cutting the rope, the game soft locks. To avoid the issue, reload the game and continue running after the Winter Golem after cutting the rope
  • In rare instances, using fast travel to exit a temple after retrieving the boss key prevents completion of some temples
  • In rare instances, death causes Ary to become invisible, requiring a reload of the game
  • Ice golems in Winter Temple may spawn invisible. They are visible on reload, but progress is still possible by defeating them while invisible
  • English strings displayed for some NPC chatter instead of translated strings if playing in other languages
  • World / terrain disappears in several areas at specific player viewpoints
  • Collision is missing from some objects like barrels in Ostara City
  • Some NPC quest indicators do not disappear after talking to the NPC in some cases

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