Atelier Ryza 2 Drops New Details on Fi and DLC


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Although Ryza is sweetly stubborn, she always goes adventuring with her friends. Koei Tecmo sent me more info on its upcoming sequel, Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & The Secret Fairy, and included a few more details about a new friend. Little is know about the creature, Fi, at the beginning, but Ryza and Fi will become close friends while exploring the ruins in the royal capitol together. She will also run into her old friends Empel and Lila in the ruins as they search for something special. One of those items may be a giant crystal that seems to have a connection with Fi.
If Fi isn’t enough, Ryza will have Puni companions. They can go find items for her, and she will be able to level them up to find even better items. Some of what they find can decorate the atelier, and others can have effects like increasing the chances of a sunny day. This is useful if you are trying to gather a particular item, and it’s an improvement from the last game.
If you still want more after a massive atelier game, there will be twelve different DLC packs included in the season pass. You will be able to buy them separately, but buying in bulk saves you cash. They will include things like swimsuits, more recipes, the Gust Extra BGM Pack, and two areas. The first area is Keldorah Castle. For more challenge, you can test yourself against the high-level second area of Flame Sun Island.
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If you like free DLC, there are two ways to get it. First, pre-ordering the game will give you two t-shirts for Ryza. One says “Beware of Puni”, and the other shows “Blue Puni Costume.” If you buy the game in the first two weeks, you’ll be able to download the “Summer Fashion Costume Set” for free. As an extra bonus, if you have save data from the first game, you can unlock the Classic Costume Set.
Koei Tecmo also described it’s plans for next-gen. If you purchase the PS4 game digitally or a physical copy, there is an automatic and free upgrade to the PS5 version. I’m not sure what changes you’ll experience in the next-gen versions, but it’s nice to know. Based on the recently released PS5 FAQ on the PlayStation Blog, I would imagine the PS5 will still check for a PS4 disc when you play, and the PS5 Digital Edition will not receive an upgrade with a physical disc for obvious reasons.
Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & The Secret Fairy will pick up three years after the events of the prior game. Ryza heads to the royal capitol to explore the mysterious ruins, reunite with old friends, and make new ones. The combat and systems are being further tweaked, and it’s looking like the next entry will continue to refine the formula.
We’ll find out if Gust has used its own alchemy to create a high-quality sequel when the game releases on January 21st.

Atelier Ryza 2 Drops New Details on Fi and DLC

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