Sora and Friends Return in Announce for Kingdom Hearts IV



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Kingdom Hearts III had come out back in 2019, and though fans thought that was the end for Sora and friends, it looks like Square Enix isn’t done with their Disney crossover. Just in, we have the official announcement for Kingdom Hearts IV, and it brings back Sora as well as his friends Donald and Goofy.

Sora and Friends Return in Announce for Kingdom Hearts IV

No story has been released for the game yet, but we can bet that the game will still stick to the fundamentals of Kingdom Hearts with Sora and friends going up against the Heartless as they visit random Disney locations.

In the official announcement for KHIV (via Polygon), brand manager Ichiro Hazama says, “We’d like to thank the fans for all of their support over the years, and we can’t wait for them to experience all that’s to come for Sora.”

Walt Disney Games director Nana Gadd also adds:

“We’ve been honored to work with Tetsuya Nomura and his team for two decades to introduce these original stories of discovery, courage, and friendship… This glimpse into Sora’s next adventure is just the beginning — we can’t wait to show more when the time is right.”

We don’t know which worlds Sora will jump into this time, but some fans are considering the forest setting to actually be the planet Endor from Star Wars. There may also be a chance that KH will jump into some Marvel properties—maybe even another Square Enix game like Avengers: A-Day? Personally I’d love to see a Muppet Sora teaming up with Kermit the Frog.

No release date has been announced for Kingdom Hearts IV, but with the reveal now, I’m thinking it could come out sometime next year.

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