Award Winning Co-Op Game KeyWe is Coming to PS5, PS4 to Deliver Mailroom Mayhem This Summer


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Working in a post office might not be everybody’s dream job, but what if you were a kiwi bird? It would be a lot more interesting, that’s for sure.

Award Winning Co-Op Game KeyWe is Coming to PS5, PS4 to Deliver Mailroom Mayhem This Summer

Sold Out and Stonewheat & Sons have announced that they will be releasing the award-winning KeyWe on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The game was originally announced for PC with no word on a console release. But now, all birds of a feather will be able to flock together.
KeyWe is a slightly bonkers platformer/puzzler/co-op game where players are put in charge of running a post office. Instead of doing it as a regular human and calling the game “Post Office Simulator” the developers chose to employ kiwi birds as the postmasters, because what could possibly go wrong with that idea? Tell you what, it would be an upgrade to my local post office…

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Players will have to type out telegrams, ship packages, and more, but all without any hands – just a nice pair of happy, flappy feet. It might not sound like much, but thankfully the developers have put together a trailer to show the game in a better light than my words ever could.
“We are flapping with excitement to announce KeyWe for consoles,” said Joel Davis, Artist and Animator at Stonewheat & Sons. “It was always our goal to bring KeyWe to as many players as possible, so we’re thrilled that players across all major consoles and PC will get to experience the fun and calamity of Bungalow Basin’s Telepost on day one.”
“After picking up the award for ‘Best Family Game’ at last year’s gamescom awards, we’ve been so excited to share more details on KeyWe with everyone,” added Katie Clark, Product Manager at Sold Out. “We can’t wait for players of all ages to discover the mailroom mayhem waiting for them in the full game this summer.”
KeyWe will release digitally and physically this summer for consoles.
Key Features:
● Mailroom mayhem – Take on the role of a postal-working kiwi bird and partner up with a friend to type out telegrams, send urgent messages, ship packages and keep the mail flowing.
● Cute, chaotic co-op – Buddy up on the couch or flock online in chaotic co-op.
● Adorable single-player – Control both kiwi birds on a single controller to venture out on a solo mail service adventure.
● Perilous postal environments – Navigate mailroom desks and shipping rooms to become a master of the mail service.
● Seasonal silliness – Encounter hazards caused by wintery weather, autumnal thunderstorms and more on the way to becoming postal pros.
● Customizable kiwis – Change the color of your kiwi’s feathers and unlock new accessories – because kiwi birds look cute in little hats!

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