Awesomenauts Assemble! PS4 Update 1.6 is Live, Patch Notes Are Bloody Massive


Chris Harding

Writer and Storywriter


5343. That’s the how many words are in the patch notes for Awesomenauts Assemble! version 1.6 that released on PS4/Xbox One today. That’s more than we even write for a lengthy review. Jeez…
For those who are still keeping the PS4 Awesomenauts community alive, these notes are for you. There’s some big changes being made across the game and its many characters. Some have received buffs, other have been nerfed, and others remain pretty much the same, though they may have had some visual tweaks.
The patch notes are down below, but remember that they’ll take the better part of an afternoon to read thoroughly. We recommend getting yourself a nice cup of tea and a few biscuits before you settle in for the read.
Awesomenauts Assemble! Update Version 1.6 Patch Notes

Awesomenauts Assemble! PS4 Update 1.6 is Live, Patch Notes Are Bloody Massive
NEW character: Ix the Interloper
Ix was a courageous Luxuxi spirit who peacefully roamed the crystal moon of Luxor, until a disaster struck. Intergalactic megacorporations started to drill Luxor on a massive scale, as it housed unusually energetic crystals. At first Ix tried to ‘discourage’ the miners in various ways, which had no effect. In an outrage Ix merged its life force with some high-energy crystals; giving Ix a corporeal form. Harnessing the energies of this new crystalline body, Ix razed the facility to the ground. Blabl Zork got wind of this raw talent for drill destruction. He then convinced Ix to join the Awesomenauts by presenting the mercenary team as an environmental force for good.
This is a FREE new character!
NEW premium skin: Steel Seraph Ix
As angels are usually peaceful and quite focused on their herbal infusions, the Heavens did little more than weep as soulless robots and demonic mercenaries slowly spread across the galaxy. However, one of these angels could no longer stand idly by and decided that the time had come to intervene in the realm of mortals. Turning the weapons of the robotic overlords against themselves, this angel became an armored being of high-tech destruction. Now this fusion-powered, nano-enhanced, tungsten-plated angel is feared across the galaxy. In their frightened whispers its adversaries call this mysterious being ‘the Steel Seraph’.
This is a paid DLC and comes with a fully customized voice set!
NEW premium skin: Bravely Scoop IV: Eternal Fantasy
A hero’s journey is filled with many great challenges. Like saving the townsfolk from a mysterious invading army from another dimension, that’s headed up by a hooded figure who’s actually being manipulated by an otherworldly dragon who’ll morph into a demon when close to being defeated. It’s all in a day’s work for Bravely Scoop in Bravely Scoop IV: Eternal Fantasy!
This is a paid DLC and comes with a fully customized voice set!
-Changed how kills are credited by the game. Before when a turret or droid made the last hit against a naut it would be credited with the kill on the scoreboard. The solar reward for the kill would either be given to the last naut that did damage in the last second or else it was split among the entire enemy team. With this change the kill will now be credited to the last naut that did damage in the last second. This is purely a change in how the scoreboard counts kills.
-Added assist counters to the scoreboard. Whenever a naut dies it will give an assist to all enemy nauts that directly affected the killed naut in the last 5 seconds or supported an ally that directly affected the killed naut. All forms of damage or negative modifiers directly done against the naut will count towards an assist. All forms of healing or buffs to allies that directly affected the killed naut also count as an assist.
Playstation 4
-Fixed that some music didn’t loop.
-Fixed that Chucho’s motorcycle’s flying sound didn’t loop.
-Fixed that the Anniversary event didn’t coincide with the PS4 launch date
-Fixed that new users would appear in the leaderboards with 0 games played
-The indicators for the amplify damage, stun, speedup, snare, slow, silence, invulnerability, weakness, empower and blind status effects have been overhauled so these indicators no longer overlap and to make them easier to check during gameplay.
-Scaled down the reconnection symbol.
-Restored the dark background of the HUD’s healthbar at the bottom of the screen.
-Updated the visuals of the main menu.
-The scrollbar of the announcer select screen no longer appears over popups
-Increased the width of the left column in the configure controls screen to that it is wide enough for all languages.
-Removed the duplicate “Confirm” in the legend at the bottom of the screen in the announcer select screen while in-game.
-Increased the font size in character select for better readability.
-Aligned all Russian text properly.
-Moved the loading circle in character select when locking in a character further down.
-Tutorial map, fixed collision near enemy base
-Made the enemy merc in the tutorial intro cutscene visible.
-Made sure the tutorial popups would no longer fall behind HUD elements.
-Replaced all Lonestar visuals in the tutorial with the new Lonestar visual.
-Removed character level from the character name in the tutorial messages.
General gameplay
-Changed the visual appearance of the Blind status effect.
-Fixed issue between enemy and allied droids. Previously when opposing droids would move up or down a ledge at the same time they would jump over each other and idle until one of the droids was destroyed. Now droids that jump over each other will turn back and fight each other instead of idling.
-Removed bots for Ted McPain and Skolldir from the game since they were doing way worse than all other bots. If someone makes a better version of these bots we’d be happy to bring them back at a later point.
-Fixed that certain effects would partially update while reconnecting. This would cause bugs like Nibbs being able to move during Flame Breath when she was reconnecting at some point during the Flame Breath.
-Fixed a lot of rounding errors in tooltip percentages
-Sawblade droids will now walk back and drop down when getting stuck on top of the enemy base.
-Fixed that in very rare cases turrets could start with almost no health, or regain their health on host migration.
-Fixed an issue where health generated by Wraithstone would not be accurately displayed in the tooltip
-The “Awesomenauts, roll out!” achievement will now unlock properly after three characters are unlocked, instead of at the end of your first match. Players who have already unlocked this achievement won’t lose it again.
Custom Games
-Added two more custom game options: a multiplier for passive health regen (which can also be negative) and shop healing.
-Increased the size of the randomnauts item popup – it should fit all of the item descriptions now.
-Fixed issue where damage after the original naut died would always be base damage. This was only the case when playing a game mode with “random naut on death” active.
-Made shop available anywhere by default in the Randomnauts and Random Team Deathmatch modes so it is easier for players to check which upgrades they have received.
-The number of active droids per team is now limited to 48 to prevent performance problems in some special cases. Normally, if the limit is exceeded, no new droids will spawn, but if ‘enable base’ is unchecked in custom game settings, the oldest droids will be blown up to make room for the new ones (since they’re probably just hacking away at the enemy base to no avail, having fulfilled their goal in life).
General balance
-Increased starting solar from 235 to 270
-Reduced added Solar of Piggy Bank from 130 to 100
-Solar Krab Burgers, heal per coin reduced from 70 to 65
-Droids give 4% more XP per level, making it easier for the team that’s behind to catch up
AI station 404 map
-Creeps can now jump a little bit higher.
Sorona map
-Moved the glass platforms directly behind the front turrets up a bit so some characters can make the jump now from the glass platforms to the jungle area.
-Fixed an instance where the droppod’s glow would be in front of the asteroids while falling down on the Sorona map.
-Fixed depths on both Sorona and Starstorm Station, making all foreground elements consistent with the other maps.
Starstorm map
-Fixed a visual bug near the bottom lane turrets on the starstorm map that caused them to clip through the level art.
-Adjusted the platforms in the middle of the bottom lane to make fights in the area more dynamic.
-Fixed the starstorm minimap visual to now correctly represent the map.
-Fixed depths on both Sorona and Starstorm Station, making all foreground elements consistent with the other maps.
-Fixed an issue where on the Starstorm map some characters acted glitchy on the glass platform in front of the bottom front turret.
Baby Kuri Mammoth
As every Awesomenaut now has access to this item and it’s still fairly weak, this is the time to give it a little buff
-Baby Kuri Mammoth, effect increased from 25% to 30% debuff reduction
-Made Augmented Ayla’s Rage ball a bit more transparent.
-Changed camera style from vertical deadzone to centered when Ayla is in Rage mode.
-Fixed an issue where Ayla would stay enraged when she was made invisible by Vinnie’s cloud.
-Added a subtle visual overlay when Ayla’s Fiery Jawbreakers item was in effect.
-Fixed that she goes into stealth while using Rage. Picking up the Stealth orb still stops Rage.
Some slight nerfs and diversity tweaks
-Biter Mask, slowing power reduced from +13% to +11% per stage
-Ion Blowtorch, health requirement improved from 40% to 45%, price reduced from 175 to 160 per stage
-Fixed an issue where it was possible for Ayla to fly up into the droppod area by quickly activating Rage.
Rubberband ball currently rewards Ayla for being inactive, this change makes the upgrade stimulate a more active playstyle.
-Rubberband ball, heal orbs only spawn when dealing damage.
Ayla does both a lot of killing and dying. These tweaks push her Rage skill more towards sustain, away from damage.
-Rip Apart bear, self-damage reduction increased from 12% to 18% per stage.
-Angry Drawings, damage reduced from 19% to 17% per stage.
This upgrade made Ayla too tanky, time to replace it.
-Prison Guard Keys, hit enemies deal 15% less damage for 1 second.
-Fixed an issue where Chucho would become stuck at the top of the level in the Starstorm map or Sorona when riding his bike.
-Fixed an issue where Chucho could still mount his bike even when it was cocooned.
-Changed camera style from vertical deadzone to centered when Chucho is on his bike.
-Fixed an issue where Trick-up-your-Sleeze, B.O.O.M. Gas and One Armed Chameleon damage scaled like health instead of damage.
-Fixed an issue where the One Armed Chameleon effect could be prolonged by tapping teleport between shots.
After the stun was nerfed One Armed Chameleon became way less effective, so it was changed to be damage focused instead.
-One Armed Chameleon, stun removed, range increased by 50%, base damage increased from 70 to 80 per shot.
Give every Naut access to Baby Kuri Mammoth, in order to better balance CC
-Solar Krab Burgers, replaced for Baby Kuri Mammoth.
Toning down of a too-strong upgrade
-Neon Nitro Muffler, damage-over-time reduced from 210 to 180 per stage.
Changes meant to make Chucho’s playstyle more active.
-Turret, cooldown after destruction reduced from 12 to 10 seconds.
-Turret, cooldown after self-destruction reduced from 6 to 5 seconds.
-Hyper Bike, mounting cooldown reduced from 2 to 1.5 seconds.
-Fixed that the attack speed effect of Blabl Zork correctly triggers when enemies pick up the Sticky Bomb using the Black Mail upgrade.
-Fixed that Matt “Parasite” Roid now correctly increases shot damage by 12% when combined with One Armed Chameleon’s effect.
-Fixed that the smaller bomb spawned by Trick-Up-Your-Sleeve is correctly increase by 14% per stage of Krokk License to Kill.
-Placed Clunk’s healthbar lower again
-Ball Lightning, reduced lockout of auto attack from 1s to 0.53s
Moved some of her late-game damage to her early-game.
-Shock, base damage increased from 27 to 30
-Static Gloves, base damage increase per stage reduced from +4 to +3
-Flexible Heat Sinks, attack speed per stage reduced from 12% to +10%
-Heavenly Fire, Blaze generated by Heavenly Fire deals 50% of the damage of the regular effect
-Shock, removed movement penalty.
-Shooting ball lightning now interrupts auto attack.
Combining slow upgrades has been obnoxious for a long time, time to replace one of them.
-Syphon Disruptor, now increases damage of Shock during Blaze by 25%, price 180 solar.
-Disruptor, 1 stage removed.
-Disruptor, slow increased from 8% to 12% per stage.
-Derpl now keeps his air momentum when going into siege mode
-When teleporting Derpl will now place his Grid Trap at the intended location.
-Fixed that buying both Pussycat Album and Barrier Magazine would give Derpl too much shielding when not in Siege Mode.
-Fixed that if a Nuke was charging when you transformed out of Siege Mode, the charge-up graphics would disappear.
Froggy G
-Added a visual indicator for when Mutant Worms: Limited Ninja Edition is active.
-Fixed an issue where the damage increase given by Piranha Cartridges was incorrectly communicated by the tooltip when Froggy had a level higher than 3.
-Improved invincibility over network. This should fix the issue where Froggy G would receive damage when dashing through Yuri mines.
-Fixed that the bonus damage granted by Mutant Worms: Ninja Edition would be canceled by engaging teleport.
A slight buff to an underwhelming upgrade.
-Hydro Smash, attack speed buff increased from 40% to 50%.
-Clock Necklace, gain a heal over time that heals 180 over 4 seconds upon landing a Dash.
-Fixed issue where flying nauts or droids would not fall down when cocooned.
-Fixed an issue where flying characters like Yuri and Ayla while in Rage would not drop down when cocooned.
-Cocoon now interrupts Swiggins Anchor Hook, Leon’s Tongue Snatch and Yoolip’s Gripping Gaze. It also breaks any active chains. We concluded that continuing these skills after a Cocoon would just be confusing and messy behaviour.
-Fixed an issue where Prefab Cocoons would not trigger if the Cocooned enemy was partially overlapping a turret.
-Fixed issue where Raelynn’s snipe or Yuri’s laser would remain visible while being cocooned.
-Fixed issue where the last pieridae transformae would also spawn a droid when Cocooning a flying droid
Some nerfs intended to affect his godlike teamplay, while at the same time giving him a slight buff for SoloQ
-Moon Nectar, base heal per nectar reduced from 52 to 47
-Cat Pillar, price per stage increased from 185 to 215
-Prefab Cocoons, price per stage reduced from 190 to 180
-Prefab Cocoons, now explodes instantly
-Prefab Cocoons, damage reduced from 185 to 160 per stage.
-Fixed that the droid generated by Piriade Transformae give XP to the enemy team.
-Changed Cocoon from an interrupt to a time freeze to the person being Cocooned
Monarch Blessing is now an almost guaranteed win for each teamfight. Some changes to tone it down.
-Monarch Blessing, base shielding reduced from 25% to 20%
-Spiritual Cooking, extra health reduced from 125 to 90 per stage.
-Gettin’ Out of Da Hood, speed decreased from +30% to +25%.
While considered strong in teamfights, Genji is pretty bad at pushing.
-Butterfly Shot, damage vs. structures increased from 50% to 75%.
-Alligned the visual of Gnaw’s spit bullet with the collision (it was off by a fraction)
-Fixed an issue where a cooldown would be visible in the skill dock, there shouldn’t be any cooldown, only a delay to create the weedlings.
Some buffs to help with lategame scaling
-Rotten Teeth, now also reduces Damage over Time duration, by 1s per stage
-Dental Braces, effect replaced. Landing bite weakens enemy damage vs. Awesomenauts by 15% for 1s
-Chattering Teeth, price reduced from 205 to 165
-Diamond Teeth, price reduced from 225 to 190
-Filed teeth, effect now also works on DoT, effect reduced from 30% to 25%
Jimmy and the LUX5000
-Fixed that Skullplate Trophy didn’t speed up the last attack in the Rattle Smash Combo
-Flaming Stroller, only applies one first damage tick when touching multiple flames at once.
Jimmy is currently in a decent position, therefore little changes were made at this time. Improving his charge consistency and some other upgrade changes are being discussed for the future.
-Dirty Diapers, removed one stage, cooldown reduction increased from 0.8s to 2s, price increased from 135 to 180 solar.
-Danger Pins, damage reduced from 250 to 210.
Give every Naut access to Baby Kuri Mammoth, in order to better balance CC
-Barrier Magazine, replaced for Baby Kuri Mammoth
General Fix
-Steel boxing gloves, fixed that it was possible to trigger a shield while activating a skill
This change both reduces the potency of Lux’s most crutchy upgrade as well as removes one of the most frustrating aspects of playing against him.
-Danger Pins, pulse lifetime reduced from 0.3 to 0.25 seconds, to better match its visual.
Missiles are too weak right now for the downsides they bring when firing.
-Missile Barrage, damage increased from 150 to 170.
This lifesteal upgrade makes Jimmy a bit too tanky in teamfights.
-Nano Repair Bots, heal per stage reduced from 80 to 70.
Lux is a bit too tanky right now.
-Base health reduced from 1550 to 1500.
-Scissors now cancel the Cut and Trim damage if thrown at the same time as the attack.
-Fixed issue where Cut and Trim wouldn’t cause silence when coming out of Vanish
-Fixed issue where Scissor Throw icon would pop up during Cut and Trim, even without buying Scissor Throw
-Made knockback on scissors upgrade consistent between regular and powered-up scissors.
-Scissor Throw, cooldown increased from 0.25s to 0.3s.
Ksenia is regarded too strong in the highest levels, some adjustments to tone her down
-Remembrance Machine, slow per stage reduced from 15% to 10%
-Acrobatic Double Jump, maximum jump height decreased from 5.6 to 5.2
-Vanish, cooldown increased from 11s to 12s
-Occam’s Razor, slow reduced from 25% to 20%
-Deja Vu Blocker, silence reduced from 0.6s to 0.5s per stage
General Fix
-Fixed that Ksenia would no longer go out of stealth based on the Vanish timer after picking up the stealth orb in Aguillon. Stealth would in that case last the 20s given by the orb.
The current Fury Blowout generates scissors too quickly for Ksenia.
-Fury Blowout, now only gains 1 scissor maximum.
-Pinot Noir, base regen increased, price reduced 155 from to 115 solar
Changes to make Leon more of an assassin, less of a pusher / army manager / king of the backdoor
-Leon can have one clone at a time
-Buff base damage from 90 to 95
-Stealth, duration now limited to 8 seconds
-Steel false teeth, merged into one stage, heal value increased from 68 to 85, price increased to 190
-Spectacles magnet piercing, added second stage, maximum blind duration 3s
-Fixed that the “stunned” message triggered multiple times when being pulled by Tongue Snatch.
Considered overpowered, this upgrade gets a slight nerf.
-Cheese & Garlic Mints, silence reduced from 0.8s to 0.6s per stage.
-French Baguette, movement speed increase increased from 14% to 20%.
-French baguette, price reduced from 130 to 90 solar
Avoiding combat and just pushing is a bit too effective of a strategy for Leon.
-Structure damage reduced to 75%.
General buffs to improve Lonestars standing
-Bull Charger, damage increased from 180 to 210
-Hyper Bull, increased its push frequency by 50% while reducing the effects per tick to make its push more solid while remaining as strong as before.
-Super Breed 2.0, extra health increased from 220 to 300.
-Incendiary bomb, damage over time increased from +75 to +82
-Eagle Bullets, price reduced from 180 to 170
-Eagle Bullets, damage increased from +13%(8) to +15%(10).
-Crystal Eagle Bullets, damage increased from +27%(16) to +31%(20).
-Cheetah Bullets price reduced from 180 to 155
-Red & Blue Missiles damage increased from 90 to 100
-Dynamite Throw, charge up speed and projectile speed increased by 15%.
-Blaster, base damage increased from 60 to 65.
Combining slow upgrades has been obnoxious for a long time, time to replace one of them.
-Ribbit Snail Slime, Hyper Bull drops a healthpack upon disappearance that heals 250.
-Fixed an issue where the Eternal Flame orbs would still spawn after teleporting while firebreathing
Give every Naut access to Baby Kuri Mammoth, in order to better balance CC
-Wraithstone replaced for Baby Kuri Mammoth
-Autographed Picture of Voran, damage increased from +9%(3) to +12%(4), and fixed incorrect numbers in description
-Darkenstone, damage increased from 10% to 15%.
-Fixed an issue where using Orb while Fire Breathing , the Eternal Orb fire balls would still spawn.
Nibbs is too reliant on crowd control effects to be able to land her damage consistently. These changes should help make her damage output more reliable.
-Orb of Omicron, base damage increased from 200 to 225.
-Fire Breath, flame speed increased by 15%.
-Eternal Flame, orbs now deal a damage-over-time effect, dealing 150 damage over 5 seconds per stage.
Penny Fox
-Fixed rare bug in randomnauts where aim input would be locked if you died while playing as Penny and shooting the Energy Pulse.
-Fixed an issue where it was possible to activate skills without charges.
-Penny now always spawns with full charges, making her a bit more viable in Deathmatch modes.
Some slight nerfs and diversity improvements
-Pounce, base damage reduced from 92 to 87, damage per stage from 51 to 48.
-Electric Bike Lock, damage increased from 10% to +11%, price increased from 135 to 160 per stage.
-Cookie Monster Badge, damage increase increased from 7% to 10% for 230 solar.
-Pulse, base damage per charge reduced from 95 to 90.
-Spiderbird Collector Badge, added a very small AoE on hit
-Living Treasure Map Badge, attack speed increased from 10% to +12%, price reduced from 185 to 160 solar.
-Herring Snack Badge, Heal per charge reduced from +35 to +30, price increased from 175 to 190 solar.
-Grey Man Group badge, price reduced from 200 to 175
Give every Naut access to Baby Kuri Mammoth, in order to better balance CC
-Wraithstone replaced for Baby Kuri Mammoth
-Changed that Herring Snack Badge scales as a healing skill instead of a damage skill.
-Claw, damage increased from 83 to 88.
Professor Yoolip
-Fixed that it was possible to summon a single Robo Dino while shooting out Gripping Gaze
-Fixed an issue where the stun caused by Gripping Gaze lasted 0.4 seconds too long.
-Yoolip’s Gripping Gaze will now stop immediately when hitting a target that is immune for stun. Examples are a Derpl in siege mode or a Yuri with active Time Warp upgraded with Spacetime Continuity Device or a Vinnie using Smoke Screen with Clown’s Mask. Before only Yoolip would be stunned for the duration of Gripping Gaze while not stunning those targets.
Walking Rod changed because it was hardly ever picked due to its highly situational nature.
-Walking Rod, now gives Dinos a 100% speed up for 1.5 seconds after deploying or until they bite something.
Give every Naut access to Baby Kuri Mammoth, in order to better balance CC
-Solar Krab Burgers, replaced for Baby Kuri Mammoth
This change should both improve Yoolip’s early game and significantly weaken one of his most mandatory items.
-Summon Robo Dinos, base lifetime increased from 3 to 4.5 seconds.
-Antigravity Ball, second stage removed.
-Fixed an issue where Gripping Gaze would always deal 2 ticks less than it should according to its description.
-Summon Robo Dinos, Dino lifetime reduced from 4.5 to 3.5 seconds.
-Wrench Smack, damage increased from 90 to 95.
-Added a visual indicator for when HC Bomb is active.
Some light buffs to compensate and improve build variety
-HC-Bomb, damage increased from 150% to 200%
-Iron rifle, shield absorb damage value increased from 165 to 225
-Fixed a bug where, when simultaneously using a jump pad and charging a snipe shot, you couldn’t jump immediately after firing the shot.
Raelynn is mostly effective at defending, these changes are meant to stimulate her to become more active.
-Timerift, damage against droids reduced to 50%.
-Snipe damage against droids reduced to 75%
-Timerift, charge up speed and projectile speed increased by 15%.
-Timerift, height increased from 3.5 to 5.
-Higgs Grenade, one stage removed.
-Protoblaster, damage increased from 70 to 75.
-Skull Bracelet, price reduced from 170 to 150.
-Joe Doll, price reduced from 170 to 140.
-Receding Ponytail, price reduced from 300 to 270.
-Unknown Alien hand, price reduced from 185 to 150.
-Fixed that Mirakuru accurately gives +120% life regeneration.
-Fixed that Classics adds +10% instead of +8% damage to a charged Precision Arrow affected by Little Johnny.
-Fixed that the Penguin Squire heal over time effect is correctly given to allies when combined with Holy Cup upgrade.
-Added a visual hit indicator when dealing damage with Frozen Hammer.
Scoop is a bit too good at everything. These changes should both tone him down, and improve his diversity.
-Banner of the triple scoop, dps per stage reduced from 55 to 47.
-The holy cup, healing increased from 65% to 75%, solar price reduced from 200 to 180.
-Ice cream van music, merged into one stage, solar price increased from 140 to 200.
-Fixed an issue where the health gained from Snow Shovel would be inaccurately displayed in the tooltip when the player’s level was higher than 1.
Scoop’s base attack is considered too weak and goes underutilized, thus this structural buff.
-Sword Strike, attacks per second increased from 2.2 to 2.4.
Halberd has been a weird upgrade for a while, granting great amounts of health at seemingly random moments. Time to replace it.
-Halberd of Justice, get +30% damage for 4 seconds when landing a Frozen Hammer.
A price buff for an overpriced upgrade.
-Penguin Throne, solar cost reduced from 225 to 175.
-Base health, increased from 1550 to 1600
Compensate for the movement speed buffs most Nauts received in 2.13.5 and Baby Kuri Mammoth affecting Black Hole Sun
-Glass case of emotion, price reduced from 205 to 115 solar
-Ringtones for the deaf, silence duration reduced from 2.5 to 2 seconds
Give every Naut access to Baby Kuri Mammoth, in order to better balance CC
-Barrier Magazine, replaced for Baby Kuri Mammoth
These items are overpriced for what they do.
-Disguise Moustache, price reduced from 280 to 210.
-Ejection Seat, heal increased from 175 to 200, price reduced from 175 to 150, per stage.
-Counter intelligence cross, fixed a small typo in the description.
Bug Detector has been mandatory for a long time, replaced it with something else
-Bug Detector, make the shield deal 150 damage per second to enemies in contact with it
With the removal of Bug Detector, Black Hole Sun needs to be compensated a bit.
-Black Hole Sun, base gravity increased by 20%
-Improved Skolldir in situations where he couldn’t hit enemies right next to him, by spawning his impact fist a little closer to him and letting it fly a little longer (keeping the effective range the same).
-Fixed that Perfumed White Flowers lifesteal sometimes didn’t connect, while the 3rd Bash hit did.
Axethrowing Trophy stun is still considered strong, added a slight nerf
-Axethrowing Trophy, added stun reduced from 0.3s to 0.2s
-The cooldown for Saw will now only be visible when it is returned to Skree. Before there was also a cooldown visible when sending out the Saw.
-The minimap icon for the Totem of Power no longer appears as a solid purple block in replays.
Changes to make Sawblade more of an active skill
-Sawblade cooldown starts upon return of the blade
-Sawblade cooldown reduced to 8
Reduce Sawblade stalling potential
-All Sawblade damage a gainst droids reduced to 75%
Give every Naut access to Baby Kuri Mammoth, in order to better balance CC
-Barrier Magazine, replaced for Baby Kuri Mammoth
These changes are meant to make Skree more effective at brawling, less at stalling. Also reduces mandatoriness of the Sawblade size upgrade.
-Sawblade, static damage against droids reduced to 50%.
-Sawblade, flying speed increased by 15%.
-Sawblade, size increased by 15%.
-Suitcase Monster, size reduced from 50% to 30%.
-Totem, charge up and projectile speed increased by 15%.
-Fixed an issue where Sawblade would disappear when let fly to it’s maximum range.
Improve build variety and buff Swiggins
-Flying fish compass, effect merged into one stage, priced at 190 solar
-Anchor Hook, base damage increased from 280 to 310
-Blue Heart Medal, impact damage reduced from 55(20%) to 50(16%) per stage
-Treasure Lottery Map, duration increased from 1s to 2.5s
-Fixed an issue where you could create multiple anchors when throwing Swiggins anchor down in the Starstorm level
Swiggins gets punished hard for missing a relatively unreliable skill, these tweaks improve upon that.
-Anchor drop, added cooldown upon Anchor destruction reduced from 5 to 2 seconds.
-Anchor drop, chain length reduced by 15%.
-CC immunity on treasure lottery map, now starts directly when hitting an enemy naut.
Ted McPain
-Fixed an issue where the DoT dealt by a Double RPG Airstrike would reduce the duration of the DoT and apply Ted’s earlier landed DoT faster
Grenaide is still considered obnoxious, replaced with knockback to also allow escapes and technical plays without being overbearing
-Grenaide pour homme, effect replaced by a knockback pulse
Base Stimpack effect is considered a little underwhelming, made it stronger for a longer cooldown, moved some effect to base
-Stimpack, base attack speed buff raised from 35% to 40%
-Stimpack, base duration increased from 3s to 4s
-Stimpack, cooldown starts at the end of Stimpack effect, cooldown reduced from 12 to 10
-Ammo Weekly, Attack speed increase reduced from 15% to 12% per stage
-Armpit Shaving Cream, price decreased from 165 to 155 solar per stage
Changed Tedris Ville, as it’s become a crutch
-Tedris Ville, damage reduced from 190 to 135
-Tedris Ville, range reduced from 20.8 to 15
-Tedris ville, cooldown reduced from 3s to 1.2s, only activates when not firing Machine Gun
Improvements to the auto attack row diversity
-Ted McPain Unicorn Dance Karting, reduced arming time from 1.5s to 0.8s
-Ted McPain Unicorn Dance Karting, grenade damage per stage reduced from 100 to 80.
-Teddy’s Bullseyes, added second stage of +1 ammo for 135 solar
Reduce Ted’s stalling potential and reduced Airstrike strength
-Wheelbarrow with Ammo, damage reduced from 15%(66) to 12%(54)
-Airstrike, cooldown increased from 10s to 11s
-Airstrike damage against droids reduced to 75%
-Fixed issue where Ted would appear to be shooting with the shotgun but was actually shooting with the machinegun.
The airstrike was never designed to reveal hide areas, this was originally a byproduct of its technical implementation. Because the airstrike was overhauled to work on the starstorm map it lost this area revealing ‘bug’. Previously the hide area in which the airstrike spawned was revealed for the entire duration of the airstrike. We felt this revealed the hide area for too long, potentially limiting the enemy team’s options for an ambush. At the same time it had limited utility because the airstrike had to be placed inside the area. By making the airstrike reveal all hide areas it hits we expect it to be more intuitive to use. At the same time the airstrike only reveals at the moment it strikes so it no longer just cancels a hide area for long periods of time.
-Airstrike, now reveals all hide areas hit by Airstrike at the moment the strike triggers.
Vinnie & Spike
-Reduced the amount of particles used with Cod Father’s visual overlay effect.
-Reduced maximum falling speed by 30%.
Some slight build diversity changes and fixes
-Rigged casino games, reduces base spike dive damage by 40%, solar price reduced from 225 to 180
-Clown’s Mask, changed to 1 stage of 3 seconds CC immunity, cost 200 solar.
Vinnie is on the weak end of the spectrum right now, both in strength and build diversity. These changes should help with both.
-Spike Dive, base damage increased from 370 to 400.
-Dead Seahorse Head, effect increased from 11% to 18% per stage.
-Chrome File, damage per stage reduced from +15%(55) to +12%(48).
-Bag Full Of Gold fish, damage reduced from +24%(88) to +20%(81).
-Alien Abduction Kit, price reduced from 185 to 165.
-Withered President Mask, duration increased from 2 to 3 seconds.
Big quality of life improvement.
-Vinnie & Spike now ignore glass platforms when holding down the ‘down jump’ button.
-Fixed an issue where due to lag there would be a disparity between the visual and the healing done by the healpod
-Healbot, fixed an issue where the Healbot would always finish with its destroyed animation instead of the heal-flash
-Healbot, fixed an issue where the description said it needed to charge for 0 seconds instead of 2
-Necromancer Voltar skin, fixed a visual bug that would make the skull on his chest invisible when aiming upward
This upgrade offered an unreliable increase in healing, this will make it more reliable.
-Happy Thoughts, increase base heal by 15% per stage, instead of max heal by 25%.
Voltar’s in air movement has always been clunky, this will tighten it up.
-In air maneuverability increased by 50%.
Putting it just out of reach of Piggybank after drop, making piggy less mandatory on Voltar.
-Psychokinetic Repulsion, price increased from 140 to 185.
Healbot is too divisive, healing more than healthpack at base while doing nothing for a long time if it fails.
-Healbot, base heal reduced from 450 to 330.
-Healbot, base cooldown reduced from 17 to 13 seconds.
-Changed that Healbot scales as a healing skill instead of a damage skill.
-The counter in your skill button now keeps better track of how many drones are active.
-Added a (barely visible) spawn and (very visible) despawn animation for the healthpacks that can spawn from yuri’s mines after buying the Uranium Spikes upgrade.
-Time Warp, fixed issue where its effects would not stop while Yuri was cocooned by Genji.
Reduction of his damage vs. droids, to encourage a more active playstyle
-Mine damage against droids reduced to 50%
Make Yuri less overpowered.
-Mine base damage reduced from 425 to 410
-Timewarp cooldown increased to 15s
-Chrono rift changed to reduce cooldown, 2 stages at 1s for 190 solar, per stage

Review: How We Soar - PS4/PSVR


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