Batman: Arkham Collection Coming to the Nintendo Switch?



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Rocksteady’s Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League may not have been announced for the Nintendo Switch, but it’s possible that their critically acclaimed Arkham collection could come to the platform.

Batman: Arkham Collection Coming to the Nintendo Switch?

Video Games Chronicle reports that a listing for the Batman Arkham Collection has been spotted on French retailer WTT, with the game going for €59.99 and a release set for August 31, 2022. Of course, it’s possible that this could be a mistake, but the same “mistake” happened with WTT for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and we know how that went down.

Though Arkham City had released for the Wii U, I have doubts that a game as huge as Arkham Knight would be able to run on a lighter console like the Nintendo Switch. It’s possible that this collection could only include Asylum and City, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the devs found a way to bring Arkham Knight to the Switch.

Even though Nintendo had been notorious when it comes to developing their own games for their own consoles, they have had a change of heart with the Switch, allowing third-party developers to come up with titles for the platform. Though it’s possible the Switch can’t play Suicide Squad, it would be great if the OG Rocksteady Batman experience was made available for Switch players.

 Going back to Batman though, we do have to remember that nothing official has been announced on Rocksteady’s part, so we should just take all of this news as rumors and speculation for now.

In the meantime, you can check out the Arkham series now available for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

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