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QuestObjectivesMaterialsAP CostBoss
Mission 151

  • Defeat the Target Enemy within 1 turn

    • Reward: Avatar Coins x5

  • Defeat at least 10 enemies

    • Reward: Avatar Coins x5

  • Defeat at least 1 Ice Plant

    • Reward: Mythril Shard

Mission 152
Mission 153
Mission 154
Mission 155
Mission 156
Mission 157
Mission 158
Mission 159
Mission 160

Bleach Brave Souls Event Guide

Events are special dungeons where you can either get items or characters. There are 3 difficulty levels – normal, hard and very hard. The recommended levels to complete each one is a team of level 20s for normal, 60s for hard and 100s for very hard. You can do it with lower level characters but it will be tough.

(Limited Quest) Rukia’s Special Training: The Basics

Rukias Special Training The Basics

Ichigo has become a Substitute Soul Reaper. Rukia teaches him how to fight so that he can battle Hollows in her place. You can get normal or premium(very hard more only) summoning tickets.

Limited Quest) Rukia’s Special Training: Attributes

Rukias Special Training Attributes

The weekly Anti-Hollow Combat Skills Course now features a class on unravelling the mysteries of the Attributes that Hollows have in combat.

(Story Quest) Kon’s Calamity

Kons Calamity

There is no rest for a Substitute Soul Reaper. Ichigo is becoming increasingly tired of worrying about leaving his body in Kon’s care when he turns into a Soul Reaper.

(Limited Quest) Kon’s Calamity: Dream BBQ

Kons Calamity Dream BBQ

Kon keeps letting out depressed sighs whenever he is at home. It seems he is getting more and more frustrated with being cooped-up in Ichigo’s room all the time.

(Limited Quest) Society of Female Soul Reapers Fall Tour

Society of Female Soul Reapers Fall Tour

You can get Retsu from normal, but the drop rates will be very low. Hard and very hard mode gives a much higher chance.

(Limited Quest) The Substitute Soul Reaper Files

The Substitute Soul Reaper Files

For some reason, Rukia has been unusual quiet recently. It turns out that this is because she is compiling a report on Ichigo’s activities as a Substitute Soul Reaper.

Seireitei Film Festival

Seireitei Film Festival Squad 6

You can get various captains from Soul Society.

Karakura Festival

Karakura Festival

Chance to get Shinji and Gin in their special yukatas. Hard and very hard mode gives a much higher chance.

(Limited Quest) Shinji’s Theater

Shinjis Theater

Hiyori has skipped her lunch duties and gone off somewhere. What could Hiyori’s reason for disappearing be?

Quincy Challenge

Quincy Challenge

Rukia is allowing Ichigo no rest in his Soul Reaper training. Uryu appears and challenges Ichigo to a contest to see who is the strongest.

(Limited Quest) Arrancar Encyclopedia: Sexta

Arrancar Encyclopedia Sexta

Gin Ichimaru presents a series of special lectures for those unfamiliar with the unique qualities of the Arrancar. This week, Gin introduces Arrancar No.6.

Summer! Sea! Swimwear!

Fun and Relaxing Vacation

Get a Premium Summons Ticket for completing Normal, Hard, and Very Hard quests for the first time. You can also get 3 star Renji, Soi Fon, Byakuya, Yoruichi, Rangiku and Toshiro.

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