How To Beat the Hot-Rope Hop Challenge in Risk of Rain Returns


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How to complete the Hot-Rope Hop Challenge in Risk of Rain Returns.

How To Beat the Hot-Rope Hop Challenge in Risk of Rain Returns

After the success of Risk of Rain 2, Hopoo Games has decided to dial back and release a remastered version of the original Risk of Rain. Dubbed Risk of Rain Returns, the remastered version of the game improves upon the original with more playable survivors and some added elements from Risk of Rain 2.

The game is essentially a roguelike sidescroller, with players taking on procedurally-generated enemies—meaning that the enemies are randomized, so each run is expected to be different. This game genre is notorious for being very difficult, and the developers have managed to up the ante by adding something called Providence Trials.

Still from cinematic announce for Risk of Rain Returns

What are Providence Trials

Providence Trials are a new type of game mode that lets players show off their mastery of the game—whether it be their grasp of a character’s mobility or just how great they are at taking down enemies on a battlefield.

Each Providence Trial has rules and guidelines; some can only be played by one specific character.

Online people have complained that completing these Providence Trials seems almost impossible. Still, some players manage to flex online about somehow beating the odds—no matter how many replays it takes.

Hot-Rope Hop Challenge

One specific Providence Trial that many players have been pointing out is the Hot-Rope Hop. The trial is essentially for the Huntress survivor and involves having players hanging from chains as they have to fend off increasingly growing numbers of enemies.

If that isn’t enough of a challenge, the floor is also covered in fire, so you can’t risk falling. On top of that, the chains also get electrified occasionally, so you’ll have to be careful which ones you jump to as you scurry away and try to shoot at enemies.

Here’s the starting list of items for players for the Hot-Rope Hop:

Gameplay still from Risk of Rain Returns via:
Via: Helix/Youtube

Many players have commented on how difficult it is to get through the stage. Not only are you left in a precarious position dangling from the chains, but the stage’s enemies have also been notorious for being able to one-shot-kill you if you just slip once.

There are even some users who have been asking for the developers to nerf the level as it’s too hard to overcome. But then again, you can consider all Providence Trials to have this complaint. With a title in the roguelike genre, which has been known for its difficulty, you can always expect the developers to put in some real challenges for players who are obsessed with being the best there is in the game.

Still from cinematic announce for Risk of Rain Returns

Tips for Hot-Rope Hop

Like with all these kinds of games, not one method works for every player, but one piece of advice that many Risk of Rain Returns pros have been giving around is that you must take out your enemies as quickly as possible.

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With more and more of them respawning each time, you can’t risk getting crowded on the stage, especially since you’re just dangling from ropes. Keep jumping and time your hits whenever you align with an enemy.

The birds have also been pointed out to be a particularly pesky enemy because of their one-hit-kill attack. Just make sure you prioritize taking them out first; there is also a sound queue when they start flapping toward you, so be aware of that and immediately jump out of danger.

Completing the Hot-Rope Hop will win you the Rope Burn achievement. Some players consider it an underwhelming reward for such a challenging trial, but if anyone is obsessed with getting 100 percent of the game, it probably wouldn’t matter.

A screenshot of the Huntress in Risk of Rain Returns.

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