How to Beat the Paladin’s Request in Lords of the Fallen


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Learn how to beat the Paladin’s Request in Lords of the Fallen!

How to Beat the Paladin’s Request in Lords of the Fallen

You may have to purchase the deluxe edition of Lords of the Fallen to be able to access more starting classes for the game, but what’s great is the standard edition of the game will also allow you to unlock a new secret class–all as long as you’re willing to work on it.

The Dark Crusader class is one class that’s been locked away in the base version of the game. Players can unlock it by completing the Paladin’s Request mission. This mission focuses mainly on a game NPC named Paladin Isaac. By the end of it, players can gather a lot of starting gear for the Dark Crusader. They can also unlock the Dark Crusader class itself.

The Flayed Skin item is essential in starting the Paladin's Request mission
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Beginning the Paladin’s Request Mission in Lords of the Fallen

The Paladin’s Request mission can be started by going to the Defiled Spulchre and running through the area where you fought the tutorial boss. Go through the area and take a right. At the end, there should be a cliff where you can pick up an item called the Flayed Skin. You may also be able to pick up other Flayed Skin items throughout the game. However, you must get this one in this particular location.

From that point, peer through the Umbral Realm, and you’ll see a door blocking your path. You’ll eventually be able to go through, but there’s another task before that.

Soulflaying a Stigma in Lords of the Fallen
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Paladin Isaac’s Stigmas

From this point, the player will be tasked to look for Paladin Isaac’s stigmas around the map and Soulflay them. The stigmas can be found at:

Lower Calrath

– Fief of the Chill Curse (2 stigmas are located here)

– Path of Devotion

Paladin Isaac fights the Lightreaper in Lords of the Fallen
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There is one more stigma featuring Isaac fighting the Lightreaper (the final boss of the mission), but it’s said that it’s unnecessary to soulflay that stigma to access the next stage of the mission.

The Paladin’s Burden

Unlocking the last stigma will give you access to an arena where you must face a boss called the Paladin’s Burden. Head down the mountain path, either fighting or ignoring the enemies you’ll encounter along the way.

Taking out the elite archer at the bottom of the path is said to be integral. This is because they tend to attack you from afar and could be trouble when you finally get to the boss.

The Paladin's Burden in Lords of the Fallen
via: Legacy Gaming/Youtube

At the edge of the path, there’s a cliff. Head into the Umbral Realm to pull a bridge toward yourself. Cross the bridge, and you’ll reach another stigma. When you soulflay the stigma, you’ll trigger the boss fight with the Paladin’s Burden instead of triggering a story moment.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you fight this boss in co-op mode, the respawn point is at the other side across the bridge, so anyone who dies won’t be able to get back into the fight and help.

The Umbral-Tinged Flayed Skin can be used to unlock a door in the Umbral Realm

Once you defeat the Paladin’s Burden, they will drop an item called the Umbral-Tinged Flayed Skin, which will lead into the final part of the quest.

Collect Paladin Isaac’s Items

The quest will eventually have players facing the Lightreaper. However, before doing that, you must go back to the first location in the quest where you picked up the Flayed Skin. The item from the last battle will allow you to open the door in the Umbral Realm, blocking the way.

Paladin Isaac's items that you can gather once you open the door in the Umbral Realm
via: Legacy Gaming/Youtube

At the bottom of a pathway, you’ll find Paladin Isaac’s sword, gauntlets, armor, helm, and leggings.

The Lightreaper in Lords of the Fallen
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Defeat the Lightreaper

Defeating the previous boss, the Paladin’s Burden will allow you to summon NPC Paladin Isaac to help you fight against the Lightreaper. Once you defeat the boss, you can unlock the new Dark Crusader class.

Admittedly, fighting the Lightreaper is a part of the narrative. Thus, it’s possible that you can still take him on without trying to complete the Paladin’s Request mission. Still, you won’t be able to unlock Dark Crusader if you do so.

ANOTHER IMPORTANT NOTE: If you defeat the Lightreaper without summoning Paladin Isaac, your chances to unlock the Dark Crusader class will be spent, and you’ll have to try a completely new game to have another go.

the Dark Crusader in Lords of the Fallen
via: Legacy Gaming/Youtube

It’s not an Early Game Goal

When it comes to completing the Paladin’s Request in Lords of the Fallen, several locations for the mission will require players to have leveled up quite a bit before they can get there; plus, some enemies are unsuitable for early-level players.

It’s suggested that you keep this mission at the back of your priority list, only gathering its requirements once you can access specific locations and certain items. It probably helps to keep checking the list of requirements occasionally to see how much progress you have on this quest on the back burner.

Since the main narrative of the game will lead you to take on the Lightreaper, it’s probably best that you already have the goal to unlock the Dark Crusader in mind early in the game. Since the requirements can get extensive, it would be a complete chore to dial back and find all of Isaac’s Stigmas just to ensure you can summon him, take on the Lightreaper, and unlock a new character class.

Of course, there is always the option to purchase the Deluxe Version of Lords of the Fallen to have the Dark Crusader unlocked, but any soulslike fan knows that the money’s in the chase.

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