Best 4K Action Cameras for 2018



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Small cameras designed for the sporty adventurous individual that wants to capture the world in HD 4K video and insane fish eye & wide-angle perspectives.

Best 4K Action Cameras for 2018

The 4K Action Camera genre is booming and GoPro has been working many years to make a statement on the action camera market. Today, there’s a new player on the field – the Sandberg Active 4K Action Cam. Unlike the $350 GoPro this sporty solid waterproof camera is available for less than $100 on Amazon.

The Sandberg camera includes the same features as a GoPro – 4K Recording, Wi-Fi, LCD Screen, 170 degrees lens, waterproof case and endless mounting opportunities. A full list of features and specifications can be found in the bottom of this review.


Features & Specifications

The 4K Actioncamera from Sandberg offers a wide variety of modern specifications. The only truly missing feature on this camera is the image stabilization that most GoPro cameras has now days.

Here is a full list of specification for the Sandberg Camera:

Warranty:5 years
Lens:170 HD Wide-Angle Lens
Image Resolution:16 Mega Pixels
Video Resolution:4K at 30fps, 1080p at 60fps 720p at 90fps
Video File Format:MP4
Image Format:JPG
Screen:2” LCD
Micro card supported:Micro SD
Battery:900 mAh (1,5 hour)


Sandberg, and most other online reviews states, that the camera maxes out at 64GB Micro SD card. I used a 128GB SD Card capable of recording in 4K without any trouble.

This camera is not a GoPro Quality camera but for a solid $114 the Sandberg is a remarkable camera perfect for the active guy on holiday or for bringing to the beach at summer.

Action cam wifi password & app

The Sandberg Actioncam comes with build-in WIFI that allows you to not only livestream your video to your smartphone but also transfer your videos and images directly to your iPhone or Android phone. The iOS App is available for download here and the Android version is available here.

It’s a great feature for setting up the perfect shot and testing the light settings before going for a dive or bringing it to the beach volley game. Pictures are transferred to your iPhone instantly but videos might take up to several minutes even for just a 30 seconds video.

This actioncam requires no software to run and/or transfer images and videos to your PC. Simply plug the USB into your PC and it will show up as an external device.

4K Action Camera 2018 Previews

Actioncam Accessories

The Sandberg 4K Actioncam comes with different accessories for mounting on your bike, car, fridge or basically anything. See image below this for a full list of accessories.
action cam accessories

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