Best Fiends Guide [Tips and Tricks]


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In this Best Fiends Guide we will  help you clear the board, teach you  how to spend your Gold and Diamonds and provide you with some tips and tricks to stay in the game.

Best Fiends Guide [Tips and Tricks]

Clearing the Board

Focus on the goals in the top hand corner and clearing obstacles as your primary objectives. Typically killing slugs will be the hardest part, so you will need to try and make big combos with your highest damage Fiend while focusing on opening up more of the board in later levels.

Best Fiend combos2

Pick two fiend types to dump your points into so you have two different tiles on the boards to deal massive damage. It can also help to go back to earlier stages if you get stuck so you can farm for metromites to level up your Fiends.

Later on you will get more advance Fiends that have different specials but for the early game its best to stick with two types a horizontal bomber and a block Converter. Here’s what the advancement of these two types would look like.


LevelAttackCost to advance to this LevelSpecial Skill – Horizontal Bomb
11505 blocks
2175? / 05 blocks
3200150 / 05 blocks
4225350 / 05 blocks
5250750 / 07 blocks
62751200 / 107 blocks
73002000 / 507 blocks
83253500 / 1007 blocks
93505000 / 1507 blocks
103757500 / 2509 blocks
1142010,000 / 5009 blocks
1246512,000 / 6009 blocks
1351014,000 / 7009 blocks
1455516,000 / 8009 blocks
1560020,000 / 100011 blocks
1666024,000 / 120011 blocks
1772028,000 / 140011 blocks
1878032,000 / 160011 blocks
1984040,000 / 200011 blocks
2090050,000 / 250013 blocks


LevelAttackCost to advance to this LevelSpecial Skill – Converter Block
18 blocks
4135350 / 0
5150750 / 012 blocks
61200 / 10
72000 / 50
83500 / 100
95000 /150
102507500 / 25016 blocks
1127510000 / 500
1230012000 / 600
1332514000 / 700
1435016000 / 800
1537520000 / 100020 blocks
1624000 / 1200
1728000 / 1400
1832000 / 1600
1940000 / 2000
2050000 / 2500

Review damage before making a turn

You can see how much damage you will do before you finish your turn. As you draw along your desired path, you will see the number beside the health bar increase projecting how much damage you will do to the Slug.Best Fiend combos

It’s good to pay attention to this when you’re running out of turns as a sub-optimal path could cost you the game.  This  is also important when it comes to doing big combos. You could pull off a combo with a non leveled Best Fiend and deal little damage vs using tiles of a leveled beast fiends and dealing as much if not more damage.

If you deal more damage than a Slug has health it will be carried over to the next slug, so combos that overkill the Slugs are not only great for predamage the next enemy but because it will help you trigger more bonus drops on the board.

Obstacles that take more than one tile match to destroy.

Although tree twigs will break after a single tile match up,  most hazards require you match multiple tiles nearby in order to break them. Things like Crates, Snow, Ooze-covered tiles can take multiple hits. Bombs will remove these obstacles in a single blow, even if you haven’t depleted them at all.

This means a bomb will blow open a crate on the first try, even if it’s fully intact. The best way to utilize a bomb is to try and remove tiles underneath it until you can use it effectively, keep in mind you can start with a bomb and go down, up or to the side with a bomb to get it to its destination.

Spending your Diamonds and gold.

There are various ways for you to obtain Diamonds within Best Fiends and you’ll have to choose how you want to spend them. You can buy materials to evolve your Best Fiends or use it on keys to open up more boxes.

Best Fiend cageI personally found its better to use it on keys to try and unlock other tier of Best Fiends, and then only using them if you’re a few metromites away from evolving a Best Fiend.

It’s  highly recommended that you hold onto your Gold until you fail a level you’re finding difficult to pass. Assuming you’re within a few turns of beating the stage, this will allow you to clear stages that aren’t in favor of your Best Fiend types.

Spin the Fiend of Fortune Wheel whenever it pops up. It might only take about a minute or two of watching videos but over time this is a great way to build up some extra diamonds.

Best Fiend wheel

Best Fiend General tips and tricks

  • Login with facebook for 30 diamonds and to cloud save your game.
  • Use the other social media, Instagram, snapchat to get free keys.
  • Play Fiend of Fortune when its up, it’s a great way to collect Diamonds.
  • Save your Diamonds and Gold until you reach stage 20.
  • Longer chain combos increases the possibility of diamonds appearing on the board.
  • Tiles will do a wiggle animation to suggest a potential move.
  • The board will shuffle itself when there are no moves available.
  • You do keep all items collected during a level. Even if you  win or lose. If there is no way for you to win, use up all the remaining moves to collect as many items as possible before its over.
  • Tap your Fiends to see how much damage they will do and to see how close you are to a special ability.
  • Its not recommended to waste gold for energy but if you really want it only buy the +3 capacity increase.

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