Best Minecraft Bedrock Seeds


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If you ever tire of endless exploration for meager rewards in Minecraft, seeds are the best way to reign in the chaos. A seeded world will always look the same, allowing you to make a clean start and improve on early mistakes easily.

Best Minecraft Bedrock Seeds

This article will focus on some of the most interesting seeds for new and returning Minecraft players. There are a lot of seeds to go around, so that you won’t exhaust your options soon.

Starting Slow

Seed: 1007380239

With this seed, the focus is squarely on setting up slowly. Since you have a large island, you can (re)acquaint yourself with game systems and controls without worrying about the room expanding. The island also has a village, allowing you to use more advanced items to speed up the gameplay.

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All on Smiths

Seed: 1835071273

Many options exist to explore and get the materials you’ll need throughout the sessions. The possibilities quickly become vast, with ten blacksmiths in a village about 300 blocks from your spawning location. This seed makes full use of the smiths in the village to give you access to better gear if you can appease them.

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Exploring Biomes Made Easy

Seed: 2111844826

The starting location might be a bit boring when using this seed. However, taking up the challenge and crafting survival items can make a great hitchhiking trip worldwide. With six biomes close, you can explore more dangerous ones and tackle what the game throws your way with relative ease.

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Room With a View

Seed: 46623432

Focusing more on aesthetics than gameplay, this seed can be great for someone who prefers watching time go by while they work. The spawn point is smack dab in a mountain range, and you can quickly go to nearby biomes to establish a foothold. If you’re more of a relaxed gamer type that wants to explore and craft slowly above all else, this seed is an excellent option to provide decent variance.

3 7

Bad to the Badlands

Seed: 83539627

This seed can be a great choice if you feel more adventurous and bolder. You can begin exploring almost immediately if you’re up to the challenge. Starting in a Badlands biome, you’re close to an abandoned mineshaft, with more mineshafts relatively nearby. The colorful mesas of the biome are pretty to look at when you need a breather.

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Putting the “Ice” in Isolation

Seed: 1669737730

If you don’t want or like neighbors, look no further. This seed puts you on an isolated island, but one that has enough resources and places of interest to keep you busy for a while. There are even more things to watch out for in the frozen-over ocean. Once you’ve conquered your small corner of the world, other shores are a long boat ride away.

5 3

Shortcut to the Ender

Seed: 4776164391216949839

If you want to experience what the Ender Dragon, commonly called the final boss, is like, this is a perfect seed for you. The stronghold in this world starts with all 12 Eyes of Ender in place, allowing you to waltz into The End when you’re ready. Ensure you’re prepared by culling the nearby biomes for materials, ingredients, and gear. The End portal is in a room below X: 1146, Y: 63, Z: -637.


Use the Game Helper

ringThere are less advanced starting worlds, although each one has a few interesting points to explore. Minecraft Bedrock has some suggestions for sticking to more basic outlines. You can access the suggested seeds from the “Create New World” menu by clicking the arrow next to the seed input.

Seed Your Way to Victory in Minecraft Bedrock

With plenty of Minecraft Bedrock seeds on the Internet, your options are nearly limitless. You can play with the world options however you like, and these seeds are but a starting point. If you find a world you like, you can save the seed for later use or share it with friends.

What other great Minecraft Bedrock seeds have you stumbled upon? Tell us more in the comment section below.

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