The Best Mortal Kombat 1 Mods


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Like many other games, Mortal Kombat 1 has a large modding community, and here are the best Mortal Kombat 1 mods that you should try!

The Best Mortal Kombat 1 Mods

One of the most boasted about things when it comes to the PC platform has always been its access to mods. You can argue about the power between the Xbox Series X|S and PS5 all day, but they’ll never be able to give access to the customization that modding can do to a game.

Mortal Kombat 1 may have just been released last month. Still, many mods have been uploaded online to enhance the player’s experience in ways the developers didn’t even consider.

Note: This list is based on the most endorsed mods on NexusMods

Uploaded image for MK1Hook Mod for MK1
via: NexusMods


Created by: ermaccer

One of the best things about introducing various timelines in the MK continuity is that we see alternate versions of well-loved characters. Even if they do exist in-game, though, they’re not playable, but with the MK1Hook mod, you can access them.

The features of the mod include:

Character Swap

– Speed Control

– Free Camera (FOV customization and first-person camera)

– Toggle the FightHUD

– 60 FPS Patch

Though the mod allows you to change characters’ models, they are only usable during training and the campaign mode. Trying to run the character swap during Towers or online could crash the game.

It’s also suggested that before installation, set up the game. Installing the mode and changing the resolution could crash the game if MK1Hook is installed.

Uploaded banner for 60 FPS Unlocked mod for MK1
via: NexusMods

60 FPS Unlocked

Created by: ermaccer

This is essentially the isolated 60 FPS Patch from the MK1Hook mod. Though the game plays at 60 FPS, the developers have put a 30 FPS cap on several modes and features, including ‘cinematics’ like the Fatal Blows and Fatalities, as Invasion Mode and the main menu.

The mod essentially removes the 30 FPS cap and allows the game to play at 60 FPS fully, which is said to be great for anyone who plans to spend hours playing the game.

It is worth noting that installing the mod could lead to some characters having their faces/eyes messed up since there are missing materials for 60 FPS. The cinematics are also recorded at 30 FPS, so it will be in that framerate instead of the expected 60 when they start playing.

Liu Kang in the announcement cinematic for Mortal Kombat 1

Allow Unsigned UTOC UCAS and PAK Mod Loading

Created by: peek6 and misberave

While some mods are specific for MK1, other modifiers target specific elements of certain games. This mod is more of an enhancer for other mods since it will allow the game to load IoStore or non-IoStore mods, which support modding for elements like audio, material, and texture.

Take note: the game is said to crash when loading mesh mods packaged with the standard UE 4.27; this is said to be because Mortal Kombat 1 uses a customized version of Unreal Engine.

A screenshot of the Allow Unsigned UTOC UCAS and PAK Mod Loading Mod for Mortal Kombat 1
via: NexusMods

Blood Customizer

Created by: ermaccer

 Silly violence is integral to the Mortal Kombat brand. Still, with the level of realism the game has achieved, some players can get queasy when they watch characters get ripped apart and drenched in blood.

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Luckily, this mod helps make things a little less violent by allowing players to turn the blood into any color. Players can set the blood effects to any RGB of their choice, and there are two levels of color brightness. Admittedly, the mod can still get a bit NSFW, even when the liquid the characters are spewing out isn’t blood:

If the mod is installed correctly, all the blood colors will be changed to dark green.

Screenshot of the Freddy Fazbear Over Cyrax mod for MK1
via: NexusMods

Other Mods

So far, all other available mods mostly do small aesthetic things like add makeup to certain characters (Goth Sindel and Kitana, anyone?) or remove masks from all the ninjas. There’s even a mod that can turn Cyrax into Freddy Fazbear from Five Nights at Freddy’s.

Since the game is fairly new, the mods are still a bit on the limited side. However, with more incoming characters and patches, newer mods could likely get uploaded sooner or later.

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