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Raid Shadow Legends introduces over 300 champions, each with unique ability combinations and differing stats. The team’s success depends on your choice of champions, so this decision is crucial. Unfortunately, getting to know 300 champions is an impossible task for most people, so we’ve distilled a bit.

The Best Raid Shadow Legends Champions

In this guide, we’ll list the best Raid Shadow Legends champions, share their unique abilities, and explain their most effective roles.

Keep on reading to discover which champions you should put on your pull wishlist.

Dark Kael

Epic champion Dark Kael from the Dark Elves was clearly made as clan boss but is also helpful in different roles. Overall, he’s one of the most powerful champions in Ride Shadow Legends.

He’s great both as a defense and attack player and is a real team savior in fights against Dragon and Ice Golem. Dark Kael can exploit two poisons and an HP burn on a single target. He can also increase debuff duration or poison sensitivity.

Duchess Lilitu

Duchess Lilitu from the Demonspawn clan is a Legendary champion ideal in a faction warrior, arena defense, and support roles.

She’s the strongest champion of the Demonspawn clan. Thanks to her Revive ability, Duchess Lilitu can keep the team alive, which is especially effective in the fight against the Spider. However, Duchess Lilitu doesn’t have a powerful attack.

Krisk the Ageless

Krisk the Ageless is a Legendary champion from the Lizardmen clan.

He’s excellent in a clan boss or arena defense role, with strong buffs and debuffs and the highest defense stats among all champions. Krisk the Ageless can serve as the team’s tank, utilizing the 150 Damage Hit and Enter the Morass perks.

Lydia the Deathsiren

Lydia the Deathsiren is a Legendary champion from the Dark Elves.

She is suitable for any role, from support to the clan boss, as she combines excellent defense and attack stats with some impressive abilities. Lydia can revive allies and has a 75% chance of placing a 60% debuff on the enemy. Plus, she can increase the enemy’s poison sensitivity and eliminate their revive attempts.


Lyssandra is a Legendary champion from the High Elves clan.

Her most potent trait is manipulating the turn meter, increasing other champions’ chances of damaging the enemy. Lyssandra is also extremely fast, has high attack and defense stats. She can transfer all debuffs from the chosen champion to her target and deplete the enemy’s turn meter fully.

Prince Kymar

Prince Kumar is a Legendary champion from the Demonspawn clan who’s most useful in protection and support roles. He also can adjust the turn meter, enhancing your team’s big hit chances. He’s great at attacking and removing all buffs from enemies.

Siphi the Lost Bride

Siphi the Lost Bride is a Legendary champion from the Undead Hordes.

She’s a godlike reviver and support player who can fill the turn meter, speed up allies or increase their defense, or place block debuffs. Furthermore, she has impressive base stats.


The Legendary Valkyrie is from the Barbarians clan.

She’s one of three champions in Raid Shadow Legends who can buff her allies with a counter-attack buff. Plus, Valkyrie can create a shield for the whole team, which is effective in fights against clan bosses or the Fire Knight.


Warlord from the Orcs clan is the last champion in our guide but not the least powerful.

He has a unique perk of blocking all enemy skills for maximum cooldown and can reduce all enemy turn meters by 70%, making him a great support and defense player.

Win Isn’t About the Stats

While champions mentioned in this guide have a higher chance of guiding you to victory, the game isn’t only about racing for higher stats and perks. It’s about working as a team, being creative in utilizing abilities, and combining champions wisely. Make sure to learn about your existing champion perks to increase your chances of winning.

What’s your favorite champion in Raid Shadow Legends? Share in the comments section below.

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