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To say that Biomutant will be a huge game is just an understatement. From just a few sneak peaks we got to see, the game looks vast, and it seems like there has been a lot of emphasis put on crafting, particularly melee and ranged weapons, and armor as well. To get you up and running, we made a comprehensive crafting guide for weapons and armor!

Biomutant: Crafting Guide – Weapons & Armor

Crafting Guide – Weapons & Armor in Biomutant

Now, there are certain things you will need to know for each item type for crafting. We touched on the fact that there has been a lot of emphasis on ranged, melee, and armor crafting. So, this crafting guide will be split up into those three categories.

Ranged Weapons Crafting – Biomutant

To start things off, for the ranged weapons in Biomutant, you will have to make six key decisions. The first one is the base, which is the most important one for that matter. What are the others?

  • Base;
  • Grip;
  • Stock;
  • Top Mod;
  • Muzzle;
  • Magazine.

Depending on the base, that will decide what type of weapon you’re making. So, it is kind of the category of the weapon that you will make. For now, we suspect that there are shotguns, SMGs, assault rifles, and pistol. However, this isn’t set in stone, and might vary.

Based on the type of base the players get, the weapons will have different effects as well. So, the Biohazard effect can be put on the weapon, among others.

The base will impact fire rate and accuracy, and the mods that you will put on the weapon, like the grip, stock, top mod, and others, will change the stats of the weapon, but also change the level requirement for it!

Yes, based on the mods and the base, the weapon will require a certain level to equip it, as well as an attribute requirement. Additional effects can be put on the weapon as well.

Melee Weapons Crafting – Biomutant

Melee weapon crafting in Biomutant isn’t that different to the range weapon crafting. For this, you also have a couple of mods and stuff to choose:

  • Base;
  • Handle;
  • Addon.

The base will affect whether the weapon is light, heavy, medium, and it will impact attack speed, and other similar aspects. Depending on the base, there is a limit to how much addons a player can put on a weapon.

It can also have similar effects like the base from the range weapon crafting.

Like range weapon crafting, there is also a required attribute that you will need like ‘One-handed slash’ for example, and a certain level requirement.

Handle impacts the armor pierce and critical chance. As for the addons, it will depend on what type of base you use, and they will affect armor pierce and critical chance.

Armor Crafting – Biomutant

When it comes to armor crafting in Biomutant, it is much simpler than weapon crafting. For now, the type of armor that can be crafted is the following:

  • Head;
  • Right & Left Shoulder (individually);
  • Right & Left Hand (individually);
  • Belt.

Now, we didn’t see whether these will be most certainly the same ones, but the general consensus is that these will be the four main armor crafting types.

Depending on which category of an armor piece you get, you will have certain base stats you can improve, and it can be done so with addons. The type of category of armor piece, will have a limit as to how many addons it can hold.

On the armor crafting screen, stats like Armor, Melee damage, and Ranged Damage, with their subcategories of stats can be seen, with also, what appear to be different resistances!

So, each armor piece has different base stats, and a limit to how many addons it can hold.

Of course, the most important thing, that we somehow managed to forget is that crafting will cost some kind of resources. For now, we know there might be, with no absolute certainty, the following resources:

  • Cogwheels;
  • Wood or planks;
  • Plastic bottles;
  • Something metal;
  • Electronic piece.

These will be most likely obtainable within the game, from matches, from enemies, chests, different breakable objects, and more.

That concludes everything you need to know for crafting ranged and melee weapons in Biomutant, as well as armor!

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