Biomutant on Xbox Series X and PS5 looks really good


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Truth be told, I still don’t know what to make of Biomutant. Is this a sleeper hit about to pounce? Will it be another disappointing third-person action-adventure game? It’s tough to get a read on how the game will play or how it’ll ultimately be received. One thing that’s for certain, though, is that it looks very, very pretty — especially running on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.

Biomutant on Xbox Series X and PS5 looks really good

Earlier today, THQ Nordic dropped two videos on YouTube that offer a closer look at Biomutant running on our fancy new consoles. Both seem pretty on par with one another, truth be told. You can check them out below. The Xbox Series X video is the first one. The PlayStation 5 video is the second.

What you see is a world that, despite going for a more cartoonish fantasy aesthetic, is also incredibly detailed and overflowing with color. I imagine those who just went out and purchased brand new TVs for use with a Series X or PS5 are going to be incredibly thrilled with how Biomutant looks.

Will this game be any good, though? That is the big question that remains.

I want to be excited for it, as I’m always on board whenever a company tries to do a new IP. I don’t want to keep seeing the same franchises over and over again. With that said, the fight sequences in the above videos weren’t getting me at all jacked. The enemy AI did not seem all that interested in actually participating. So it just looked like the player character running around at will, slowly beating other creatures until there weren’t any left. Not all that exciting.

I really hope the gameplay we saw isn’t indicative of the final product, and that there’s a lot more to Biomutant than meets the eye. I hope to give it a shot, at least, if only to see what THQ Nordic has been up to these past few years. If nothing else, it’ll be a gorgeous showpiece for the current gen. But I’ll get you some additional thoughts after I spend some time with it.

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