Black Book's Creatures of Cherdyn


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Find out more about the mythical beasts you’ll face in Black Book.

HypeTrain Digital and Morteshka’s adventure role-playing game Black Book will be finally arriving on the PlayStation Store today. You’ll get the chance to play Vasilisa, a peasant girl who was given an ancient artefact by her Grandpa, this being the Black Book.

Black Book's Creatures of Cherdyn

Vasilisa turns to the dark arts to try and unlock the seals of the Black Book as it is said to grant any wish you have, Vasilisa hopes that by unlocking the book she’ll be able to bring back her deceased relatives – spooky.

You will have to journey around her homeland of Cherdyn to unlock these seals where you’ll face countless mythical creatures, spirits and demons that have been based on Russian folklore, like where the game is set.

But what are some of these creatures and how would a witch (better known as a Knower) defeat them?


Leshy are ancient keepers of the forest and are said to live for thousands of years, they can take any form. The forests Leshys guard they claim as their own and if any wish to pass through must ask permission or may be in great danger. These ancient creatures can cast powerful curses and therefore a Knower should prepare certain herbs against them.


These mermaid-like creatures – though they have legs, are incredibly beautiful but just as cunning. They hunt their prey by hypnotising and strangling them. You’ll never catch one of these creatures alone as she will always call upon the creatures she has charmed to help her in battle.


I think we all know what a Werewolf is but Black Books werewolves are slightly different. These werewolves are humans which stayed under a powerful changing spell for too long and now they can’t change back. They always hunt in packs and are incredibly dangerous due to their damage attacks which could rip someone in half. You’ll need incredible defence when facing them.

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This parasite like demon will crawl inside a person and slowly possess them. They torment their victims with intense pain and actions they can’t control. These poor possessed people are unable to sleep and tend to be banished from their communities. A Knower must be patient when defeating a Ikota as if they don’t wait for the demon to crawl out of its host’s head they may kill the victim.


Although a common demon, they are incredibly powerful. They live in a banya (or a sauna) under the stove. A Bannitsa will surround itself with hot pieces of coal that shoot red-hot embers, she plans to ‘cleanse’ the intruder of its filth and therefore are known for skinning people alive. Bannitsa are difficult to deal with so a Knower must come prepared knowing that it may strip them of all their positive and negative effects.


Similar to Leshys, Vodyanoi are ancient creatures. Though they can be found commanding lakes and rivers like it’s their own kingdom. Creatures like Rusalkas, drowners and other undead serve the Vodyanoi who enjoy striking bargains but be careful as they enjoying tricking people more.


If a wizard dies before passing his demons onto his successor these same demons will torment him and disallow him to move on from the world. If this happens, the wizard becomes a terrifying undead creature filled with hatred. Knowers must have blessings prepared as if he gets close he will try to suck the soul out of his victims.

This is only to name a few of the terrifying and interesting creatures you’ll face as Vasilisa in Black Book. Each enemy you face will have its own unique set of abilities which you will need to face with care. During your journey, you’ll discover new spells which will allow you to build the perfect deck of cards for each enemy you face and finally grant Vasilisa’s wish.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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