How to Get an Estate in Bless Unleashed


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One of the best ways to generate passive income and acquire resources in Bless Unleashed is to upgrade your Estate. The mechanic allows players to generate resources and even become merchants in this MMORPG. However, the Estate is not available to new players, and it might take some time before you can actually access it for the first time.

How to Get an Estate in Bless Unleashed

This article will explain the requirements for receiving an Estate in Bless Unleashed and how to use it.

Getting an Estate in Bless Unleashed

While the Estate might seem out of reach for new players, it’s not that difficult to progress towards if you spend some time in the game. In fact, unlocking the Estate is somewhat unavoidable since it is a reward for completing one of the campaigns (story mode) quests. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Complete the “The Armies of Chaos” campaign mission named “Old Friends and Allies.” It’s one of the last missions in the campaign. You can complete it when you’re Level 25, but later levels make it a lot easier to finish.
  2. Speak to Averdo Sorza in the Sperios Military District. This NPC is usually close to the previous quest’s location, so you won’t have to travel far.
  3. Sorza will give you a new quest, “Entering Your Estate.”
  4. Open the World Map (“View” button on the controller).
  5. Select the Estate tab from the top bar.
  6. Press G on the keyboard or long-press Y on the controller to enter your Estate.

From then on, you can navigate to this menu to immediately travel to the Estate and manage its buildings and resources. The Estate menu also provides a log of every action you took in the Estate or major events that happened in it.

What You Can Do in the Estate?

The Estate has almost everything you need to create a promising infrastructure and produce valuable resources. However, you will first need to get workers to create these resources, whether via mining, agriculture, or animal husbandry.

You can find new workers for hire in two ways.

The most common one is through the Tavern. This building is located in your Estate and will have a few workers to interact with whenever you enter. Interacting with a worker will display their abilities and contract details. If you want to hire them according to those terms, simply long-press the interact button while in the contract menu. The only thing you need to worry about in your Estate is worker fees.

You may also get workers from monster drops, side quest completion rewards, or reward boxes. These workers come in the form of their contracts. Once you have them, they’re available to work on your Estate.

Capturing Animals

Bless Unleashed also allows you to capture and tame wild animals. This questline begins relatively soon after unlocking the Estate.

Animals can be captured randomly during hunts. When an animal drops to no health, you can receive a prompt to capture it instead of going for the finishing blow. If you decide to capture the animal, it will be immediately transferred to your Estate.

Animals can be trained to be mounts or livestock. Your Estate menu will provide information on the current animals inside.


There are six building blueprints you can encounter in the world, typically from side quests and monsters. Each blueprint corresponds to a specific building you can create inside the Estate once you have enough resources.

The Estate has its own warehouse to store items after they’re produced, and you can interact with it to move items to and from your personal inventory for later use. This allows you to trade away the resources you’ve procured.

Blessed Estates

Once you finish the main campaign quests, your Estate will become the main focus and create a stable source of income to progress further. Be sure to check up on it often, so you keep all workers busy and productive.

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