Can You Build Your Own House in House Flipper 2? – Answered


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House Flipper 2 lets you fix and redecorate broken-down houses, but can you build one?

Can You Build Your Own House in House Flipper 2? – Answered

After the critical reception of House Flipper, Empyrean and Frozen District have come back with a sequel in the form of House Flipper 2.

The game is essentially a job simulator that turns players into a one-man construction team in the fictional town of Pinnacove. In the game, you must flip broken-down houses and increase their value.

House Flipper 2 will have you not only cleaning up houses but doing full construction jobs where you can tear down walls and other structures and punch holes into the floor where you think they should be. The game will also allow you to decorate houses as you please, offering an array of furniture for you to choose from and your choices of paint and wallpaper that should go on any surface.

The game has a standard campaign that will bring you to different houses that you will have to fix up, and they can come up with all sorts of stories on who you’re building the house for or why you need to fix it up.

Though fixing and cleaning other people’s houses is at the very core of the game, some players ask if they can build their own houses from the ground up.

Can You Build Your Own House in House Flipper 2?

The short answer is yes, you can build your own houses in the game, which can be done with a mode called Sandbox Mode.

In Sandbox Mode, you will have free reign in designing and decorating houses, meaning that you don’t have any missions to fulfill or instructions to follow. In this game mode, you can build a house from the ground up, building up and tearing down walls and deciding what goes where.

Here’s a demonstration from the developers themselves:

The demonstration shows that Sandbox Mode has all these different abilities that aren’t available during story mode. This will help you fully customize whatever you plan to build.

For one, you don’t have to be stuck walking around the place following the rules of gravity; Sandbox Mode allows you to “fly” around the area and have a better overlook of your site, getting you to places that are otherwise hard to reach.

Regarding layout, the game also allows layers to “snap to grid” when setting up foundations, so you know your design is geometrically straight. When it comes to decorating, though, you can just choose to have the option to place everything freely where you want.

Sandbox Mode will even allow you to build basements in your structure. Since this is just a simulation, the ‘ground’ in the game is essentially just a flat plain, and you don’t need to do extensive digging if you want to construct a basement on a tiny bunker. You can simply just make a hole in the ground and build whatever you need under the structure.

Gameplay still from House Flipper 2

Jobs and Homes

Though the Sandbox Mode feels like it should just be something for the players to enjoy, there is a sharing option that will allow others to check out the house you’ve built.

The game allows you to mess up your house and post it up for others to clean and fix—these are jobs. Essentially, you’ll be able to make custom game levels for others to fix up and vice versa.

If sharing isn’t your thing, you can always keep the structure to yourself and just play the game your own way.

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