Button City 1.0.2 Patch Fixes PS5 Trophies


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Time to fix the arcade

The laid-back colourful adventure, Button City has received a new update, which resolves a decent number of issues. These include the camera no longer jittering after returning from rEVolution Racer and the Prismabeats mini-game audio not working after losing a game. Although, one of the main fixes to hit the game is that the main character, Fennel will now move faster across the screen.

Button City 1.0.2 Patch Fixes PS5 Trophies

In our review for Button City, we mentioned that Fennel’s walking speed was one of the main pullbacks of the game, so it’s certainly nice to see that patches are addressing this issue.

Although, there are some fixtures specific to PlayStation consoles, including trophies not unlocking properly on the PS5. According to the patch notes, when you next open up you’re save file, the game will check what trophies should have popped for you and will allocate them accordingly. We’ll list the full patch notes below, so you can see all the changes for yourself.

Button City 1.0.2 Patch Notes

– Increased Fennel’s speed.
– Speech bubble now hides correctly when talking to Valarian
– Fix to music venue causing a black screen soft lock
– Camera no longer jitters when returning from rEVolution Racer
– Restructured Yes No Maybe quest to fix issues
– Yes No Maybe now correctly gives item, you can return to them if you didn’t receive the item.
– Fixed sequence break on day 1 when talking to Sorrel
– Sorrel now does challenge when challenging her
– Tuff Fluff challenges no longer cause black screen and soft lock
– Chive cinematic no longer resets on day 2
– The pay phone no longer causes a broken cinematic and sequence break on day 4
– Goba Academy now resets correctly
– Motor is no longer removed during story progression so players can use the Fluff Buff in arcade games.
– Prismabeats no longer stops audio in the main game when losing
– Fix to Mint disappearing during Prismabeats quest
– More robust checking on file saving and loading
– Fix to Gobabots AI taking over for player if they restart during a story sequence
– Wrestling quest fix to characters not showing up when starting with Lavender in the scene.
– Made more robust checks for climatic Gobabot battle when Golden berries appear.
– Sage now correctly talks during the chase sequence on Day 5
– Dog bots no are no longer talkable during chase sequence to avoid issue of player movement.
– Fix to Mechamelon and other heavy Gobabots hurtboxes not registering.

PlayStation Fixes

– Fixes to Trophies not unlocking. When starting up your save file the game will check for Trophies you should have earned and give them to you.
– Fix to Activities not completing correctly.
– Lowered the amplitude of vibration.

Source: Button City Official Website

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