Check Out the Open-World Activities in Tchia



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Tchia is promising to be an expansive open world which could be PlayStation’s solution to Breath of the Wild. The game is set to launch next week, and we have a new featurette showcasing the open-world activities that will be available in the realm of Tchia.

Check Out the Open-World Activities in Tchia

Check this out:

In part 6 of our Gameplay Series, we explore some of the open world activities to be found in Tchia.

Go on treasure hunts, enter diving competitions, hone your slingshot skills and so much more. There’s a little something for everyone in this vibrant paradise. What will you do first?

Though we have gotten a look at the island that Tchia travels around, it’s also been revealed that we can actually roam around a city as well; and it’s filled with all kinds of activities that we can expect out of an open world.

You can participate in slingshot competitions, diving competitions, and all these timed challenges. I’m sure The Last of Us Part II fans will also have fun at the guitar-playing minigame that Tchia will also be able to do. I wonder what kind of song covers we can expect from the game once it launches.

Based on what we’ve seen on Tchia, the game looks to be an impressive open world. Not only are we inclined to explore, but Tchia’s special ability to ‘soul-jump’ into different animals and objects should offer a unique gameplay loop.

Tchia launches for PC and PlayStation 4|5 on March 21.

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