Check Out This Awesome Custom Rocket League Map & Its Future Implementation


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Fans have been wondering if Rocket League was ever going to have a map editor since the game’s first beta last year. Lead developer, Thomas Silloway, even said they were discussing the possibility post-launch but cautioned that it was a big feature. With nearly a year since everyone’s favourite soccer/football-car hybrid released on the PlayStation 4 and PC, there has been nothing to suggest that custom maps were on the horizon. That’s not to say anything negative of course. Rocket League has become a global phenomenon in its own right and produced amazing post-release content like Snow Day and Hoops mode. We even have certain customisation options in Mutators for private matches. So while developer Psyonix was working diligently on making their baby better every day, some fans rose to the challenge and made their own creations.
Youtube and Reddit users SovietSparrow, South, and ThereCanBeOnlyTwo have created some pretty unique fan content. They didn’t put together a playing field rather an obstacle course. At the moment this is only for PC but hopefully the interest is big enough that Psyonix will push something similar out onto consoles. Who wouldn’t want to create their own Rocket League field or course right? Except we hold all exclusive rights to recreate the Galleon (from Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars) map if the feature does indeed come to PS4.

Check Out This Awesome Custom Rocket League Map & Its Future Implementation


The creators said they used the Unreal Development Kit for those who are interested in tinkering with this on PC platforms. They have also released a tutorial which goes over the basics about what they do on Twitch which you can see here. Lastly, one of the creators can be quoted as saying

“I would like to start of by saying that we are not professionals in this field and we learned everything as we went. These maps show a few basic obstacles to show off the idea of custom maps and how creative you can be. We would like to know your guys thought on these types of maps and if you would like to see more and even get to play some for yourself. As of now these are very early maps and have a lot of flaws. We think in the future we can make better and longer maps that would test your aerial abilities. Being able to control your car is very important and this is a fun way to practice.
Some things we are still working on are making boost spawns so that it’s not unlimited boost and importing custom textures to make things look good. Also riding on walls is not perfect.”

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