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Civilization 6 has quickly risen to the top as one of the most popular entries in the franchise with frequent updates and new civilizations. If you want to have the best chances of winning a multiplayer game of Civ 6, you need a good strategy.

Civ 6 Tier List

However, not all civilizations are designed for an easy win, and some are much stronger than others. In this article, we’ll provide our opinion on some of the best civilizations and leaders to play in multiplayer games.

Civ 6 Multiplayer Tier List

Since the single-player games have less variance in difficulty levels, they can be won relatively easily with all Civs. While it’s certainly true that a stronger Civ makes for an easier game, a major obstacle in any single-player game is stopping the opponent’s early game advantage, which doesn’t depend much on your Civ’s abilities.

As such, this tier list primarily deals with the multiplayer aspect of Civ 6. Also, we’re assuming that you have all Civs unlocked and the latest expansion and patch downloaded. Former patches can have wildly varied tier lists.


The S-tier Civs are pretty much the best in class and are typically versatile enough to go for multiple victory conditions. This versatility and general power can even make them oppressive against opponents who haven’t caught up to their strengths.

S-Tier Civs

  • Japan/ Hojo Tokimune: Japan gets enormous production boosts with its Electronics Factory and cheaper Encampments, Theater Squares, and Holy Sites. The district adjacency bonuses also allow Japan to get a lot from a smaller land area. The coastal and Hurricane boosts are just add-ons.
  • Germany/ Frederick Barbarossa: Germany has an excellent avenue for any victory type with one additional district at any population and a free military policy slot. The improved Industrial Zone (Hansa) is also a great benefit.
  • Russia/Peter I: With a significant boost to expansion from the Civ ability and Lavras, Russia can claim swaths of territory quickly. Lavras and Peter’s ability also make up for any lagging Science and Culture gains, allowing the player to focus on other efforts.
  • Persia/ Cyrus: Cyrus has excellent gold and warfare-oriented bonuses. Between one of the best unique units (a ranged-anti cavalry), movement bonus for Surprise Wars, and lack of occupied city penalties, Persia is an excellent warmonger. The gold and trade route bonuses allow you to fund your conquests easily.
  • Gran Colombia/ Simon Bolivar: One of the greatest strengths of Gran Colombia is simply its speed. Since all units (even civilians) move faster, you’re better equipped to explore and populate the surrounding terrain. The ability to level up (and heal) units without spending a turn can make some battles go your way quickly. The unique Great Generals are just gravy at this point.
  • Indonesia/ Gitarja: Extremely powerful on water-rich maps. Since Indonesia can use coastal tiles better than pretty much any other Civ, players can use the seas to their utmost advantage.
  • Australia/ John Curtis: Australia has been a mainstay on the top of tier lists, shifting between S and A tier. The powerful abilities combined with great all-around bonuses make them good at just about anything and notoriously difficult to conquer.


A-tier Civs are usually just slightly weaker than S-tier ones, and some can swap between the two categories depending on opponents and map types or just plain luck on how the terrain turns out.

A-Tier Civs

  • Maya/ Lady Six Sky: If you can make the most out of her highly restrictive ability, the Maya is one of the best tall Civs in the game. However, not all maps are favorable to Lady Six Sky. Recent buffs in April 2021 have only reinforced her strong standing.
  • Maori/ Kupe: As another terrain and start dependant Civ, Kupe needs a bit of luck to pull off. But, if done well, he can easily crush unexpecting opponents.
  • Greece/ Gorgo: Gorgo has received an excellent buff in the April patch, giving the player even more incentive to go for military conquests. Combined with an early game unit and a free Wildcard slot, Gorgo is poised to make a return to the top.
  • Greece/ Pericles: If you can get a few City-States under your rule, your culture output can skyrocket quickly and is a more peace-oriented Greek strategy.
  • Egypt/ Cleopatra: Egypt gets solid river-bound bonuses and a few perks towards Wonder building, which can eke out an early-game advantage needed to push for mid-game foothold and scaling.
  • Gauls/ Ambiorix: With a strong focus on the military and a significant combat boost that lasts throughout the game, Gauls are one of the best warmongers. So much so that they can easily make it into S-tier. However, their slight terrain dependence and district restrictions make them less suitable for inexperienced players.
  • Korea/ Seondeok: Korea is a more terrain-independent science Civ that has a strong start. Although the Seowon has been nerfed, it is still an excellent adjacency-ignoring option to propel the player through the early game. However, Seondeok loses most of her value in cramped terrain or near bonuses regular Science districts use.


Civs are still relatively strong at this stage but lack the sheer numbers and versatility of top-tier ones. They are excellent choices if you want more of a challenge.

B-Tier Civs

  • China (both leaders)
  • Babylon
  • Brazil
  • America/ Teddy Roosevelt
  • Spain
  • England/ Victoria
  • Arabia
  • Aztec
  • Khmer
  • Canada
  • Ethiopia
  • France/ Black Queen Catherine
  • Inca
  • Dutch (Netherlands)
  • Hungary
  • Portugal
  • Rome
  • Ottoman


C-tier Civs are somewhat viable for a victory, but you’ll have to overcome some hurdles to get there.

C-Tier Civs

  • France/ Catherine
  • America/ Rough Rider Teddy
  • Nubia
  • Byzantium
  • Mali
  • France/ Eleanor
  • India (Chandragupta)
  • Phoenicia
  • Sumeria
  • Norway
  • Mongolia
  • Macedon
  • Scythia
  • Vietnam
  • Sweden


These are the worst options, and it’s hard to justify picking them over other Civs. While it’s possible to win, you’ll be on the ropes for most of the game.

D-Tier Civs

  • England/ Eleanor
  • India (Gandhi)
  • Poland
  • Georgia
  • Scotland
  • Cree
  • Kongo
  • Mapuche

Don’t Fret About Tiers

Tier lists are mainly irrelevant for single-player games and are always a hotly debated topic. Proper planning and strategy to make full use of your Civ’s abilities are what matters the most.

Do you agree with our Civ 6 tier list? Let us know in the comments section below.

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