How To Complete the Disguise Wanted Quest in Coral Island


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A giant needs your help for a ‘hooman disguise.’ Here’s how to complete the Disguise Wanted quest.

How To Complete the Disguise Wanted Quest in Coral Island

Coral Island from Stairway Games is a farm simulator that has been praised for its massive, sprawling world. The game has been available for early access since 2019 and was officially launched for everyone to play in 2023.

Farming is the very core of the game, with players getting to plot their land and grow all kinds of crops they can sell for profit. Besides that,  Coral Island also provides the player with many other things to do, from dating NPC characters to going around and completing a bunch of quests—all in the name of making Coral Island a sprawling utopia.

Though Coral Island is supposed to be filled with human people, the game also comes with all kinds of animals and creatures, including a species called giants. They’re not exactly gigantic like other fantasy giants, but in Coral Island, they are a race that helped cultivate the island’s rich soil. They’ve also worked alongside species like the Merfolk and the Goddess of Flowers.

One of the main quests in the game is called Disguise Wanted, and it involves you going on an errand for Gong, the Giant. Some players have been having difficulty fulfilling the quest, but here’s a nifty guide on getting Gong a ‘hooman disguise’ on Coral Island.

How to Start the Disguise Wanted Quest

You initially run into Gong in the game after you complete the Water Mine mission, freeing him. Soon enough, you’ll be able to receive a letter from Gong in the mail, which has him asking for your help. Here’s the letter in-game:

After you receive the letter, you should go to the Giant Village, where you can meet Gong and Grog, and they’ll explain to you that they have a plan to disguise themselves in the human village, but they will need your help. They will then repeat the list of items from the letter and use them to come up with their ‘hooman disguise’ and mingle with the people from the village.

The items are simple to attain enough via the shop and your farm, but you need some cash to make the purchases, and you have to ensure your farm can provide the rest.

Completing the Quest

Going back to the letter, Gong needs you to attain:

Black Round Eye Cover (black round glasses)

Some Baabaa Hair (wool)

Any Flower

Big Big Cloth Thing, Like One Big Boat Man Wear (Royal Grape Blazer)

The easiest item to cross off the list is the flowers since you can get them by harvesting one from your farm or just picking them along the way.

You can then go to your farm to obtain the wool from your sheep. Some players have been reporting that you will need the large-sized wool to be able to complete the quest, but others say that it doesn’t matter.

Gameplay still from Coral Island via: GameGame NoMi/Youtube

As for the last two items on Gong’s list, you will have to go to the White Flamingo Clothing Store to get them. The Round Stylish Glasses will cost 850 coins to purchase, and the Royal Grape Blazer will cost 2,700 coins—so make sure you have at least 3,550 coins before you walk into the dress shop or try to complete the quest.

Once you complete these items, return them to the Giant Village and give them to Gong. Along with Grog, Gong will then use his disguise to go into the town with you; he’ll even introduce himself to Mayor Connor with the new name: “Handsome.”

Rewards for Fulfilling the Disguise Wanted Quest

Once you complete the quest, you will earn 100 Friendships with Grog and Gong. The character of ‘Handsome’ is also unlocked for the player.

An image of the player standing near Coral Island's welcome sign.

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