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In Control, Jesse gets to change what she wears, provided you unlock the appropriate outfits. These clothes are scattered across the game’s missions and locations, waiting for you to unlock them all. However, accessing the outfits isn’t straightforward, and that outfit you have your eye on may be locked behind pre-requisites.

How to Get Outfits in Control

If you’re looking to unlock all of Jesse’s outfits in Control, look no further. Below is a list of all sets in the game and how to obtain them.

Outfits in Control

You can dress Jesse as an assistant, director, or in a suit in Control. Unfortunately, you can’t simply buy them from an in-game vendor. Check out all the possible outfits and how to access them below.

Asynchronous Suit


When you reach the Synchronicity Lab, you’ll find a dummy wearing this suit. To get it, beat the “Self-Reflection” side mission, defeating Essej. After that, you can return to the lab, find the glass protecting the mannequin shattered and the suit fully accessible for Jesse’s wardrobe change.

Janitor’s Assistant

Ahti the Janitor is a character you meet early on, and you can dress up as his assistant if you finish all his side missions. When you beat one called “Take a Break,” the outfit will be yours to wear. There are a total of six missions to clear.

Director’s Suit

Jesse eventually becomes the Director of the Federal Bureau of Control, and she gets to wear a crisp and formal outfit. To get the stylish Director’s Suit, all you have to do is beat the game’s final mission.

Gold Suit

Out of all outfits, the Gold Suit is the most challenging to unlock since it involves solving a puzzle in the Luck & Probability wing of the Research Sector. The puzzle is relatively simple. You just need to win on a roulette wheel, but you must give Jesse more luck before doing so.

There are some objects in the room, including a whiteboard with instructions. Once you win, the Gold Suit and two ability points are yours for the taking.

Candidate P7

When you get the main mission called “The Face of the Enemy,” you’ll get the opportunity to unlock the Candidate P7 outfit. Head into the mission and look for a room labeled P7. The pajamas are inside an open cupboard.

This outfit makes you look like an experiment subject, though you can also jokingly call it a pair of pajamas. It pulls off both a comfortable and ominous look.

Office Assistant

You get this outfit upon beating the game, alongside the Director’s Suit.

Expedition Gear

When you do enough Expeditions and reach Level 3, you can unlock the Expedition Gear. It takes some time, so you have to be patient. Expeditions are part of a free update and are available to everyone.

DLC or Pre-Order Outfits

Some outfits are only obtainable if you purchase DLC or pre-order specific versions of the game. Below are all the examples:

Tactical Response

Pre-order the game on any platform.

Astral Dive Suit

PS4 players who pre-order the game will get this outfit.

Urban Response

The Urban Response outfit is bundled with the PS4 Digital Deluxe version of Control.

Extradimensional Suit

Those who bought the AWE DLC can find it after reaching the Active Investigations area. Playing the two arcade machines and their scenarios will reward you with this suit.

Cat Ears

Not an actual outfit, this piece of headgear is found in the Collapsed Department after finding eight cat statues in The Foundation area. After doing so, go to the door where all figures end up and enter the secret door to claim the cat ears.

Battle Stylishly

No one’s stopping you from looking cool in the middle of a battle, and Jesse knows that full well. Although some of these outfits are exclusive to pre-orders, you should get most of them after purchasing the DLC. You can also change clothes by pausing and selecting the option in the menu.

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