Control is the free Epic game this week


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Every week since late 2018, the Epic Games Store has been giving away games every week at no charge. This week is no different, as you’ll get another free Epic game to download, though this one is a bit more triple-A than what usually shows up.

Control is the free Epic game this week

Right now on the EGS, you’ll find 2019’s Control is available without any sort of price attached to it (translation: it’s free). This action game from Remedy Entertainment — the folks behind Max Payne and Alan Wake — is one I played through and completed pretty recently. It is fantastic, and at the price of $0, is one you should 100% lay claim to, even if you’re not downloading it right away.

In fact, I’d go so far to say that Control is what really makes the combat in Mass Effect Legendary Edition feel far more dated than it probably would have otherwise. The telekinetic powers in Control are superbly done. I think it is going to be a while before any other game even gets close to making those types of abilities feel that good. Plus, if you’re really into sci-fi stories — not the outer space kind, but more the “new weird” kind — Remedy’s title really hits the spot. Sam Lake deserves a lot of cred for spinning a really unique and interesting tale.

Epic did a run of mystery games for a few weeks, but it looks like that period is drawing to a close now that Control has been added to the freebie section. Epic is now being pretty open about what next week’s titles are: Hell is other demons, and Overcooked! 2. I personally haven’t played either of these, but I’m going to grab them anyway, as should you. When a game is free, you grab a license for it. That’s the rule.

We’ll be back next week to remind you about your free Epic game downloads.

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