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Since 2015, Discord users have enjoyed communicating with other gamers via crystal clear VoIP, video, and text. But trying to come up with a name to use on Discord can be tricky, especially if you play many different characters in many different games.

How To Generate Cool Usernames for Discord

What if you want to use something other than your gamer tag? If you want to generate cool usernames for Discord, this tutorial will teach you how to develop something that describes you as an individual and sets you above the masses.

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Considering how much your username says about your personality, few people give it the attention it deserves. Spend any time online, and you will often see the same themes: name plus age, name plus birth year, name plus 123, random names, movie or TV names, names that might not make sense, and plenty of rude names. All this says it is you know how to use a random name generator. You can do so much better!


Generating Discord Usernames

You need a good username if you want to be taken seriously, gain a solid, respectable reputation, or have people listen to you online. Name yourself something dumb, rude, juvenile, or offensive, and you will likely have trouble interacting with people and teaming up with them in-game.

Of course, Discord is not just about gaming anymore. Many interests are represented on the platform, so you should give your username plenty of thought to be relevant on many different channels.

The first thing you need to do before coming up with anything is think about how you want to be perceived on Discord. What do you want people to think of you? What impression do you want to create?

Are you a hardcore Fortnite gamer with little interest in doing anything else on Discord? Or are you running a self-help group on the server for people who want to improve their lives?

As you can imagine, those two users are completely different and will have different target audiences. You need a username that embraces your presence, passion, and what you hope to accomplish on Discord. Knowing how you want to be perceived and who you will likely talk to.

You can develop a suitable username once you know who you will talk to.

Use Your Gamer Tag

If you use the platform for gaming communications, using your gamer tag is probably the simplest option. It helps others identify you, makes it easier to team up in-game and find each other anywhere, and adds that link between the game you are discussing and your antics.

Then again, maybe you want to be anonymous and use your Discord for more serious matters. If anonymity is for you, keep reading.

Username Generators

Some people love random generators, but random generators have some downsides. While they can randomize your name, they often give you many useless usernames. However, if you are willing to sit through all the useless random names, you can sometimes find some great, random usernames.

Websites like SpinXO, Rum and Monkey, Screen Name Generator, and others can get the job done if you do not want to create your own. Generally speaking, these sites allow you to enter a few facts about yourself and then spit back possible word combos that might make a good username.


On the upside, you do not have to think too hard. On the downside, it will be a case of spinning the wheel several hundred times before finding something that might work.

Plus, you might find it difficult to remember since you do not have a personal connection to the random username. There is nothing worse than forgetting your username when you are in the middle of a chat.

Say A Little About Yourself

Using your name, birth date, age, or anything else that could identify you off-screen and in your personal life is not recommended. If you do not use your gamer tag, you must use more imagination. Your age changes, so Bobby14 will soon be out of date. No one wants to be 14 forever!

Use a hobby, favorite book, superhero, historical figure, song, artist, pet, or something personal. If the name is commonplace and already taken, mix and match it with another or add a unique character to differentiate it if the server admin allows it. Let’s say you love the Harry Potter series. These books are full of fun references that can be twisted and turned into tons of material.

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Using little-known references is one of the best ways to connect with others with similar interests. If you enjoy a particular series of Manga books, generate a name based on one of your favorite characters.

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You can also look up the meaning of your name using Google and take it from there. Greek mythology, Celtic mythology, and Roman mythology probably reference your name. If your name relates to Thor, you can always use that! Of course, you can probably develop a more unique example than Thor123.

Use A Different Language

If your go-to username is already taken, check it out in a different language. Google Translate is your friend here. See your favorite name in German, Italian, Latin, Spanish, French, Cantonese, Russian, or whatever.

You would be surprised at how different and cool an ordinary word or name is in another language! Even something as simple as your last snack could be a fun username. “sgon mefus” may look fantastic, but it is Welsh for “strawberry scones.”

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This also adds mystery and intelligence to your username, which can create the right impression.

Keep Notes

I always suggest this and with good reason. Keeping a notepad next to your computer and writing down cool names or usernames of other players is a great way to develop one of your own. Inspiration rarely appears on demand, so writing something down when it occurs is the way to go.

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If you use someone else’s name, make it your own. Change something, personalize it, anything! Just do not blatantly copy it. Take inspiration from everywhere, too! Spotify, Netflix, Wikipedia, forums, Reddit- anywhere you go online is filled with words, names, places, and events. Write names down, build a list, and use it for inspiration when necessary.

Use Something Clever

We all want a username that stands out, expresses ourselves, and is attractive to others with similar interests. For gamers, think of the roles you often play.

Are you out to have the highest K/D ratio on COD? Or do you prefer to be a healer on ESO? Using a mixture of pop culture and your roles is an excellent way to develop a unique and catchy username.

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For example, if your character typically takes a Tank role and you enjoy Game of Thrones, use “TheHoundiscoming” or something similar. This describes your intentions and references a popular book series others may be interested in.

What To Do When Your Perfect Username Is Already Taken

As of 2023, Discord has changed its policy surrounding usernames. Instead of their previous system of using numbers at the end of your name, allowing for greater flexibility, they are now following their competitor’s methods.

This means that when you choose a username, that is the username you have to go with. If you want a different username for different servers, you must pay for Discord Nitro. So be careful when choosing your username if it is one you don’t want to be stuck with.

If your desired username is unavailable, you have a few options. The most obvious and most used solution is to add numbers to the end of your username (CoolGuy29388). Although this will usually work, it can make it harder for other people to remember your username unless you pick numbers with some relevance (CoolGuy1984).

Another common method of securing a username is to add “X”s or “O”s to the ends of it (“xCoolGuyx,” “xXCoolGuyXx,” “oCoolGuyo,” or “oOCoolGuyOo”). Again, this will work in most cases, though it is a little overused. Another popular and overused method is “leetspeak,” which means incorporating numbers into your username (C001Guy). This can make your username more difficult to remember, which is something to keep in mind.

If your base username is already taken for something a little cleaner, you can add a few words to your username. The simplest way to do this is to add “The,” “TheReal,” “TheOnly,” or “TheOriginal” to your username (TheOriginalCoolGuy). This is a great approach as it is still easy to remember and type in and is less likely to be taken.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I edit my username?

No, you can no longer change your username as of Discord’s policy changes in 2023. You can change server profile names, but that is all.


It is difficult to generate cool usernames for any app, especially Discord. I do not know anyone who can instantly develop something cool on-demand, so I find it easier to plan and take notes.

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