Corpse Husband’s face: Why it’s a mystery


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No disrespect to streamers and YouTubers, but most of them are happy — perhaps too happy — to get in front of the camera. That’s really the whole job, though, isn’t it? These people like to entertain their viewers, and most of the time, that involves being on screen for some duration. That may be why the internet still can’t come to grips with not seeing Corpse Husband’s face. In a world where you can see Ninja’s noggin plastered everywhere, Corpse wants no parts of that. It’s different.

Corpse Husband's face: Why it’s a mystery

It may make you wonder: Why is Corpse holding out? What has caused him to take this position? He has a huge following. He could potentially further his career by coming out of hiding, so to speak. And yet he is more than satisfied remaining anonymous.

The simple truth is, he’s just not ready.

Corpse Husband being interviewed

There’s more to it than that, of course. Corpse has mentioned in the past about feeling the weight of everyone’s expectations. The hype around him potentially revealing himself to the world at some point has reached staggering levels. Imagine being in that position, having no idea how the world might perceive you once you stop being a cartoon illustration with a deep voice and start being seen as a real human being. Imagine the judgment that would inevitably come your way from trolls, or from people who just didn’t particularly like you from the get-go.

Corpse has gone even deeper on this topic, even going so far to admit that he’s experienced mental health issues in the past, and has engaged in self harm (via HITC). With all that sitting in the background, you can imagine why a reveal of Corpse Husband’s face is something the YouTuber is not eagerly rushing toward.

Maybe Corpse Husband will do a face reveal at some point in the future. Maybe he won’t. What fans can do to bring down the temp on the hype oven, so to speak, is to stop pressing the guy on it. He’s already answered the question repeatedly, and can decide on his own when he wants to drop his anonymity. Until then, all you can do is respect his desire to keep his identity a secret.

Besides — if you already like the guy, is his face really all that important?

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