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Cypher takes his talents back to his hometown in Morocco to set up his tech and stir up chaos and confusion towards his enemies.

Cypher Trap Wire Setups on Bind (Defense) in Valorant

Everyone’s favorite Moroccan Sentinel Agent thrives in maps with claustrophobic alleys and entryways such as Split. As you read on with our guide on Cypher Trap Wire Setups for Bind, though, you will quickly realize that Bind is not so different from Split in terms of Trap Wire setup opportunities.

In terms of layout, Bind is the complete opposite of Haven. While Haven features a never-before-seen triple bombsite layout, Bind settles for the complete opposite; no middle lane, just an A and B site.

Playing defense is pretty much a breeze for Cypher on Bind. With fewer options for attacking due to the lack of a middle lane, Attackers will have no choice but to push through lanes to try and spot Cypher’s traps before it’s too late.

The Creepy Morrocan Stalker

Cypher is a Sentinel-class Agent who loves to spy on other Agents as they make their way slowly into his bomb site.

The Moroccan Agent is quite the creepy dude when you realize that he uses his cages (Cyber Cage) to encase enemies in his reflections while his tripwires (Trap Wire) make sure that enemies have no choice but to stare at his face for as long as possible.

He even tags them with his camera (Spycam) to make sure he can track his target wherever they go.

Cypher reaches peak Creepy-dude levels whenever he uses bespoke technology (Ultimate: Neural Theft) to tap into a dead Agent’s brain to locate other Agents. Yikes!

All jokes aside, Cypher is a master of surveillance and distraction. His skill set revolves around making sure that his enemies forget about the real threat within bombsites (Cypher himself), which allows Cypher to claim kills one after the other easily. In contrast, his enemies are distracted by his traps.

Trap Wire

Trap Wire is Cypher’s bread and butter ability. A well-placed Trap Wire can easily deter or even stop an entire bomb site push by the Attacking team.

Trap Wire puts all enemies caught in it in a brief moment of confusion that Cypher can use to net easy kills. Cypher can also pick up Trap Wires and relocate them as needed.

Agents caught in the Trip Wire will be placed in a tethered state (cannot move more than the allowed range, but can shoot and use abilities) and will be revealed to Cypher via an outline (similar to Sova’s Owl Drone when an enemy gets pinged)

After a short wind-up (5 seconds), enemies caught in the Trap Wire will be placed in a Dazed (concussed) state for three seconds.

Trap Wire is generally invisible up to a certain distance. However, it can be destroyed by enemy fire, abilities, and knife damage. Cypher can carry a maximum of two charges for 200 credits each.

1. Bind A-site – A-Short Trap Wire Setup 1

Bind A-short is one of the primary entryways that Attackers will use to gain access to Bind’s A-site.

Attackers passing through A-short will be exposed to a ton of angles as soon as they reach the A-short boxes. Knowing this, most Attacking teams will try to keep their stay at A-short brief.

We can take advantage of the Attackers’ urgency to cross A-short and set up Trap Wires that we can use to defend A-short from U-Hall/Lamps.

First Trap Wire

  1. For the first Trap Wire, look for this hinge on the left side of the Teleporter:

2. Place the Trap Wire puck on the hinge. It should connect with the A-short boxes:

This placement is great since Attackers will have to expose themselves to destroy the left puck (from their point of view). You can expect an Attacker to get caught in this Trap Wire at least once every few rounds.

Second Trap Wire

For the second Trap Wire, we can take advantage of the fact that, upon site entry, some Attackers will most likely try to seek cover while the rest of their teammates clear the surrounding areas. Pocket/Cubby is one of those covers/hiding spots.

We will set up a Trap Wire for Pocket/Cubby with that in mind.

  1. Stand in this corner by the Tank:

2. Take out your Trap Wire puck and aim for this brown edge on the wall:

3. Try to place the Trap Wire puck higher so that it covers more area:

Together they should look like this. You should not have any problems holding these angles from inside U-Hall/Lamps:

Camera Placement

As for Cypher’s Spy Cam placement:

  1. Stand on top of this box outside U-Hall:

2. Aim for these vents above Pocket/Cubby:

3. Keep jumping until the Spy Cam placement indicator turns blue. Immediately place the Spy Cam when it does:

The Spy Cam should have vision over the post-boxes A-Short/Teleporter/Default/U-Hall Entrance when done correctly.

You can use this Spy Cam to hold the entire A-short area from the safety of U-Hall.

2. Bind A-site – A-short/U-Hall Trap Wire Setup

VALORANT players, or gamers, in general, are a crafty bunch. It only takes one round for teams to figure out where Cypher’s Traps setups are usually placed.

As such, setup-based Agents such as Killjoy and Cypher will need variations upon variations of their setups so that the enemies will never know what they are getting every round. This keeps the element of surprise in your favor and will help you become unpredictable.

With that out of the way, here is an A-short setup variation that you can use to mix things up round after round.

First Trap Wire Setup

  1. Look for the right side singe on the teleporter:

2. Place the Trap Wire puck on the right side of the hinge. It should connect with U-Hall’s outer wall:

With this setup, you can opt to swing out of U-Hall when an enemy gets caught in the Trap Wire or wall bang them from inside U-hall itself.

As long as you keep your bullets on this wooden strip, you can wall bang enemies on the outside of U-Hall. This wall bang is applicable for weapons such as Phantom, Vandal, Odin, Ares, and Operator.

Second Trap Wire

Attackers will need complete control of U-Hall to complete their A-site take. Without U-hall control, Attackers risk getting ambushed by Defenders from U-Hall and connecting areas.

Since you will be playing from inside U-Hall, our second Trap Wire will be set up as a contingency plan for when Attackers attempt to push you after the first Trap Wire.

  1. Align yourself with the left door frame of the U-Hall entrance:

2. Aim for the lower-left corner of the wooden strip in this corner:

You can play from this position for good measure:

Since we will be playing from inside U-hall, we could have easily placed the Trap Wire across the entrance. However, that would be a very obvious Trap Wire since the enemies will be weary of your traps after getting tripped by the first Trap Wire outside U-Hall.

This placement gives the enemies a false sense of security and invites them inside U-Hall. You can easily take them out with your weapon when caught in your Trap Wire.

3. Bind B-site – B-Garden Trap Wire Setup

For the most part, Hooka and B-Garden are where most Attackers will be coming from when trying to take B-Site. In most rounds, Attackers will split up between Hooka and B-Long/B-Garden.

Let’s address the B-Garden area first since Cypher ideally should only be focusing on one general area around bombsites.

This Trap Wire setup covers common enemy pathing towards B-site and will help stop Attackers from taking any more space beyond B-Garden. Cypher can play these traps safely from inside the tube.

First Trap Wire

  1. Go to B-Garden:

2. Place the Trap Wire along the rightmost side of the entryway:

For best results, pair the first Trap Wire with a Cyber Cage:

  1. Look for this small white spot on the ground:

2. Place the Cyber Cage:

When enemies get caught by the first Trap Wire, they will not shoot the Trap Wire since the Cyber Cage will cover their vision. This should give you enough time to shoot them down through your Cyber Cage.

Second Trap Wire

The Second Trap Wire will double up on the first Trap Wire setup.

  1. While Crouching, aim for the bottom left corner of this utility closet.

These Trap Wires should be enough to help you lock down the B-Garden area.

Spy Camera Placement For B-site

For the most part, this Spy Camera should give you vision over both Hooka and B-Garden with no problems. Since the Spy Cam is also placed high up on the B-Hall building, it will be out of the immediate sightline of the Attackers.

  1. Get on top of Default:

2. Aim for the vent with smoke coming out of it—jump and time when the Spy Cam turns blue.

With this Spy Cam placement, you can immediately see enemies inside Hooka and B-Garden.

4. Bind B-site – Hooka Trap Wire Setup

Compared to B-Garden, Hooka will likely have more players coming through it when taking B-site control on Bind.

Duelists such as Jett and Raze love Hooka because of the slight elevation change that it provides, which allows their Dash and Satchel abilities to cover even more space within B-site.

Cypher can take away some of the enemies’ confidence as they make their way into Hooka with some simple Trap Wire setups that will surely force the enemy team to slow their push down.

First Trap Wire Placement

  1. Stand against the Hooka entrance’s wall:

2. Take the Trap Wire puck and aim for this part of the cushion on the box:

3. The Trap Wire puck should connect with the small piece of wood on the Hooka Entrance wall:

This is an ideal placement for Cypher’s Trap Wire because the enemies cannot immediately destroy the Trap Wire. Enemies will have to peek inside of Hooka to destroy the puck, which would expose them to your crosshair if you are playing on top of Default.

Second Trap Wire Placement

The second Trap Wire placement will help lock down Hooka if the enemies decide to push through after the first Trap Wire.

  1. Aim for this part of the cushion on box at Hooka:

2. The Trap Wire should connect with the opposite wall:

Together they should look like this:

With your Spy Camera, you will be able to see and tag enemies inside of Hooka with no problems:

Bind Them With Your Traps

On Defense, Cypher can be one of the most annoying Agents to play against. His Trap Wire, Spy Cam, and Cyber Cage are powerful abilities that give him a ton of control over crucial map sections.

The Trap Wire setups featured in this article are just some of the possible setup combinations Cypher players can use on Bind. As you play and gain more experience in-game, we have no doubts you can develop setups that compliment your playstyle.

That said, we hope that these Trap Wire setups will be able to help you jump-start your journey with Cypher in VALORANT. He is an amazing Sentinel Agent that’s fun to play in maps that accentuate his skill set.

We hope you found this helpful guide! Check out for excellent gaming news, tutorials, guides, game codes, and more!

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