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There exists a demand for roguelike 2D platformer games, and Dead Cells fulfills the niche perfectly. It appeals to hardcore gamers who like a challenge, as they don’t retain loot after death. In Dead Cells, there are many areas to explore, including the Cavern.

How to Get to Cavern in Dead Cells

The Cavern is part of the Rise of the Giant DLC, and players have to download it before access is possible. Thankfully, you don’t have to spend any money to get it.

Getting to the Cavern Area

Of course, we’ll assume you have the free DLC installed. Before you head to the Cavern, you’ll have to defeat the Hand of the King at least once. You also have to beat the main game at least once and unlock Disengagement.

After that, you only have to unlock the entrance before permanently opening the path for future runs.

To obtain the Cavern Key and reach the Cavern, follow these steps:

  1. Start a new run and get your initial two weapons.
  2. Enter the next room and find a hole in the wall.
  3. Inside the hole is a new space with a ledge and lava.
  4. Detach your head and grab the wall below the switches.
  5. Use your head to trigger the switches.
  6. Recall your head and jump over.
  7. Enter the room.
  8. Go all the way to the right and pick up the Cavern Key.

The Cavern Key will permanently unlock the Cavern area, but you’ll have to get there first. There are many ways to reach the Cavern, but the fastest way is as follows:

  1. Prisoners’ Quarters
  2. Promenade of the Condemned
  3. Ramparts
  4. Insufferable Crypt
  5. Graveyard
  6. Caverns

In the Graveyard is an underground exit with a lock. The Cavern Key opens the door and lets you enter the Caverns. Fortunately, you won’t need the Key for future uses; the door remains unlocked permanently.

An alternate entrance is to go to the Slumbering Sanctuary and use a 2 Boss Stem Cell door. You must also defeat the Giant at least once.

The Caverns

There’s plenty of loot and items to obtain in the Cavern biome. Of note are:

  • Four Power Scrolls
  • Two Dual-Star Scrolls
  • War Javelin Blueprint
  • Festive Outfit Blueprint
  • The Boy’s Axe Blueprint
  • Toothpick Blueprint
  • Ice Armor Blueprint
  • Magic Missiles Blueprint
  • Shaman Outfit Blueprint
  • Flying Alcoholic Blueprint

When you get more Boss Stem Cells (BSC), some rewards will become more valuable. For example, obtaining more than four will guarantee an extra Power Scroll. Three will ensure obtaining four Scroll Fragments.

The Festive Outfit Blueprint is only available with you have four BSC.

Some of the exclusive enemies in the Cavern are:

  • Ground Shakers
  • Arbiters
  • Skeletons
  • Demons

Other enemies will also appear. In particular, playing higher difficulty levels will replace Lacerators with Failed Experiments.

Treasures in the Depths

There are plenty of powerful weapons and valuable items waiting for you in the Cavern. While some are locked behind secrets and BSC requirements, you’ll find all of them invaluable. The way to the Cavern can be challenging, as you might end up fighting other bosses on your way there.

Once you unlock the biome, there’s no need to get the Cavern Key anymore. Enjoy looting in the area, especially when hunting for Blueprints.

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