Deadpool 2 Actress Shioli Kutsuna Joins Hideo Kojima’s Next Game


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For an independent studio, Kojima Productions has managed to nab some all-star talent when it comes to making their games from Norman Reedus to Guillermo del Toro. Kojima had announced a few weeks ago that Elle Fanning (The Great) would be working on his next game, and now another actress has joined the cast.

Deadpool 2 Actress Shioli Kutsuna Joins Hideo Kojima’s Next Game

Kojima has announced that Shioli Kutsuna (Deadpool 2) has joined the game. Here’s the post:

What’s also interesting is, when Fanning as announced, she had a caption on her poster sating “Who Am I?” now Kutsuna has the caption saying “Where Am I?”. There’s one more poster saying “How Come?” with no face, but I’m guessing that could be saved for a reveal of a final talent.

If you’re familiar with Kojima’s games, you’ll know he has a penchant for keeping narratives under wraps. From his non-conventional gaming ideas in Metal Gear Solid to his sci-fi walking simulator Death Stranding—Kojima has been considered an auteur by the industry who tries to elevate the level of empathy we can feel from games. While some may think that it’s infuriating, I’m sure that critics are going to eat up whatever Kojima has to offer.

Kojima’s next game hasn’t been officially announced, but everyone is excited to see what else Kojima has planned down the line. Could it be horror? Another science fiction adventure? We’ll just have to wait and see what he comes up with.

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