Destiny 2: The best Season of the Splicer mods


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Now that we’ve had some time to play Destiny 2‘s Season of the Splicer, we’ve gotten a good idea of how this Season’s Artifact mods work. So much so, in fact, that we’re now comfortable laying out what we believe are the best Season of the Splicer mods.

Destiny 2: The best Season of the Splicer mods

Bungie usually throws in one game changing mod or two per season. But players should feel a bit spoiled this time around, as there are several one could deem “exotic feeling.” Here are the mods you should prioritize with your unlocks, and what they’ll help you achieve.

Hammer of the Warmind (Warmind Cell Mod)

Warmind Cells have very much stuck around as a core Destiny 2 gameplay mechanic, despite every belief that Bungie would phase them out after a period of time. You’re really missing out if you aren’t creating these Warmind Cells in the midst of battle, and Hammer of the Warmind helps you do just that when you’re using a Seventh Seraph weapon.

Sundering Blast (Class Item Mod)

I can’t even begin to tell you how invaluable this Mod has been for clearing solo Lost Sectors. Is that Barrier Servitor granting immunity to like five other enemies around it? Get it to activate the Barrier, take the shield off, and watch the ensuing explosion utterly destroy everything in close proximity.

Not to mention — the explosion itself does a decent amount of extra damage. So if it’s an Overload Captain you’re doing battle with, for instance, you’ll get a good head start on taking it out thanks to the extra chunk of health removed by Sundering Blast.

Breach and Clear (Class Item Mod)

Two words for you here: Fighting Lion. Finally, this bizarre primary ammo Exotic Grenade Launcher has its day. With the Breach and Clear Mod installed, you can open with Fighting Lion and follow up with another more powerful attack of your choosing, whether it’s a special weapon, a heavy weapon, or a Super. Or you can choose to use a heavy grenade launcher and just keep pounding at that combatant’s health bar.

Energy Accelerant (Class Item Mod)

Do you ever wish Firely, Dragonfly, and Chain Reaction all packed a little more punch? With the Energy Accelerant Mod, they will. When these perks proc while you’re using Energy Accelerant, the explosions that result will all do increased damage, letting you take enemies down faster and clear adds more efficiently. This Mod is particularly welcome now that the new and improved Vault of Glass is out, and is dropping all sorts of Firefly-equipped weapons.

And there you go! Those are what we believe are the best Season of the Splicer mods you’ll find in the Seasonal Artifact. If you have some recommendations of your own, feel free to drop them in the comments, along with some tips on how to use them.

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