Diablo 2 Had a Second Expansion That Was Planned But Not Published


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Diablo 2 was a a very well received game. And its Expansion, Lord of Destruction, only added to that success. But there was so much more that we never got to see, which is a massive disappointment to say the least.

Diablo 2 Had a Second Expansion That Was Planned But Not Published

Diablo 2 launched in 2000 to very positive acclaim, indeed. And gamers felt similar affection for its expansion, Lord of Destruction, which was released the following year. However, a developer who had a hand in creating the game has now admitted there was a second expansion planned. But it never become reality.
That’s because the selection of new classes, mechanics and areas didn’t grow beyond the pages they were written upon.

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The factoid comes from David Brevik – co founder of Blizzard North – who responded to a question on Twitter. He admitted that a multi-page design specification was in his possession at the time. And that it was worked upon, by himself, in the months preceding his departure. However, both that and other commitments (including an ill fated start on Diablo 3) meant it was never fully realised.
Or was it?
You see, I can’t imagine there being such a development of assets – paper or otherwise – that would be completely wiped from the face of the Earth. Instead, I would assume they would form the foundations of future releases; a source of inspiration, if you like. But then again, Diablo 3 was taken over by another team altogether, who apparently restarted that from scratch. And we’re still waiting on the fourth. So, maybe it failed to make it into a pair of hands that benefited from continuity in the franchise. That would be sad, to say the least, but I guess not impossible.
Saying that, even if Brevik claims to have little memory on its content, author David Craddock seems to be a little more versed in the topic. He claimed the expansion focussed on Diablo 2’s multiplayer features by allowing groups to operate from their own guildhalls. And wrote:

“One cool guildhall feature was the Stieg Stone, a stone named after designer Stieg Hedlund where guild members could deposit money.

“At certain increments, they would unlock new guildhall rooms and various accoutrements for their guild’s pad. After a few brainstorming sessions, the team decided not to follow through on the expansion. Diablo 2 had run its course; it was time to build Diablo 3.”

Sounds like quite the expansion we were never meant to experience. But with all this talk of a remaster, could the second DLC finally get its day in the Sun? Or maybe Diablo 4 will be the second and then some…
Source: EuroGamer

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