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Diablo Immortal: Fabled Wisp Guide

For the November 9th Diablo Immortal Content Update, Blizzard has added several features that will have fans jumping for joy. While the Server Mergers were the headline of the November 9th update, Blizzard also snuck in a significant feature update – the ability to craft Set Items.

Blizzard added a new in-game resource called Fabled Wisp to craft these Set Items. If you are wondering what it is for and how to acquire it in-game, you have come to the right place.

What is a Fabled Wisp?

Diablo Immortal features resources and currencies that can be used in multiple ways in-game. However, Blizzard added Fabled Wisp to serve a singular purpose in-game – to craft Set Items.

Some key details on Fabled Wisp:

  • The Hell difficulty of salvaged Set Item determines the power of a Fabled Wisp.
  • Salvaging Set Items also can return a bonus amount of Fabled Wisps. The chances are as follows:
    • 1 Fabled Wisp: 96%
    • 2-5 Fabled Wisp: 1%

Starting November 9th, you can start crafting Set Items at Charsi’s forge in Westmarch. Of course, you need the necessary materials to start crafting Set Items. We explain how you can do that in the next section. 

How to Get Fabled Wisp in Diablo Immortal

There’s only one way to get Fabled Wisp in Diablo Immortal – by salvaging Set Items. However, not all Set Items can be salvaged into Fabled Wisp. Only Set Items you acquire after the November 9th update can be salvaged, which means Set Items that you have amassed previously cannot be converted into Fabled Wisp. 

Your best bet is to go on as many dungeon runs as possible with a team and acquire as many Set Items as possible. You might want to prioritize dungeons with a high chance of dropping Set Items. You can salvage the Set Items you acquire from these runs into Fabled Wisp, which you can use to craft your desired Set Items at Charsi’s forge in Westmarch.

Salvage and Rebuild

The ability to craft Set Items should allow players to fine-tune their builds according to their playstyle or role in Diablo Immortal. Previously, players had no choice but to work with whatever Set Items they acquired in-game, sometimes forcing them to build their characters around these Set Items rather than the opposite.

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