How to Identify Items in Diablo Immortal


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Learn how to identify items in Diablo Immortal!

How to Identify Items in Diablo Immortal

Throughout your journey in Diablo Immortal, you will encounter countless items and loot from your usual Dungeon runs. Most gear drops can easily be equipped after you pick them up, so you can get a quick power-up by simply swapping your gear in Diablo Immortal.

If you’ve just picked up a random item that does not show its attributes and status effects in Diablo Immortal, you need to take it to the Identifier in your current zone before you can start using it.

What is Item Identification?

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While most gears in Diablo Immortal come complete with info such as name, Damage, Power Level, and Attributes, others will have none of this information available upon pickup.

These items will not be usable in-game until you take the item to the zone Identifier, who can reveal the item’s Attributes and other previously unknown stats.

What items require Identification?

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Legendary Items and Set Items that require Identification will have a “?” in the item description in your inventory.

Typically, some Legendary or Set Equipment will require Identification before they are usable in-game. Fortunately, multiple Identifiers scattered around the Sanctuary offer identification services for your unknown gear. These services are also free, so feel free to take any item that requires Identifying to any of the Identifiers in your current zone.

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You cannot equip and use unknown gear, making them useless until you can bring them to an Identifier in your current zone.

Identifier Locations in Diablo Immortal

Almost every zone in Diablo Immoral will feature an Identifier who can successfully reveal the Attributes of your unknown item. Look for the following Identifiers in your current zone:

  • Westmartch – Lanali
  • Ashwold Cemetery – Natara (Guard’s Watch Waypoint)
  • Dark Wood – Tylla (Rogue Battlecamp Waypoint)
  • Mount Zavain – Halana (Sentinel’s Watch Waypoint)
  • Leliana – Frozen Tundra (Bitter Hearth Waypoint)
  • Bilefen – Keelan (Port Justinian Waypoint)
  • Shassar Sea – Lena (Tabri’s Encampment Waypoint)
  • Library of Zoltun Kulle – Insightful Sands (Hidden Alcove Waypoint)
  • Realm of Damnation – Tormaros (The Last Vestige Waypoint)

You can usually find these NPCs at a zone’s main waypoint/encampment (zones where tons of NPCs such as the Blacksmith can be found.) Simply take your Legendary Item or Set Item to the Identifier in any of the zones above to have your item Identified for free.

Attribute Reveal

It is unknown why the devs hid the attributes for some Legendary and Set Items in Diablo Immortal. Maybe they wanted to make Legendary or Set Items feel more exclusive; who knows?

That said, the process of Identifying the unknown items is simple enough, and should you have a Legendary Item or Set Item in your inventory with hidden stats, just take them to the zone’s Identifier so you can equip and use the item on your character in Diablo Immortal.


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