Diablo Immortal: How to Use the Town Portal


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Why walk when you can teleport? Learn where, when, and how to use the Town Portal in Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal: How to Use the Town Portal

Running through Diablo Immortal’s expansive world can be a chore. Fortunately, Diablo Immortal features a nifty teleport feature that allows players to travel fast across the game’s key areas.

In this guide, we will show you how and where to use the Town Portal in Diablo Immortal to save time when moving across multiple locations.

What is the Town Portal in Diablo Immortal?

The Town Portal allows players to move through safe zones and key areas around the map almost instantly in Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal’s maps are expansive, so getting to key areas around the map can take quite a while if the player chooses to run toward their next destination.

Through the Town Portal, players can cut down on travel time around maps they have previously explored – a godsend for players with limited playtime.

How to Use the Town Portal in Diablo Immortal

Players can access the Town Portal through the in-game map or by tapping the Town Portal icon in the player’s inventory menu.

Tapping on the blue icon will bring up a couple of teleport options. Usually, these options are “Westmarch” and the “Nearest Safe Zone” relative to where the player is on the map.

safezone diablo immortal how to use the town portal
teleport inventory diablo immortal how to use the town portal

On the other hand, tapping any unlocked Waypoints on the map will allow players to teleport to the chosen Waypoint.

In regions such as Westmarch, a couple of Waypoints are scattered across the area so players can teleport to key NPCs such as the Hilts Trader, Palace Courtyard, or Rakkis Plaza.

teleport waypoint diablo immortal how to use the town portal

Waypoints have to be discovered first before players can start using them. Players can easily find Waypoint locations by bringing up the in-game map.

waypoints diablo immortal how to use the town portal

Unfortunately, players cannot teleport from Dungeons, Elder Rifts, Challenge Rifts, and Hidden Lairs. They can, however, teleport from almost any shared space on the map (open spaces where other players are also running around trying to complete objectives)

In and Out

Players can spend their precious time on many more important objectives, such as riding Elder Rift runs while playing Diablo Immortal. Running around the map to arrive at key areas wastes time and makes the game more tedious than it should be.

So, there we have it! We hope you’ve learned much about the Town Portal in Diablo Immortal. Hopefully, you’ll use the feature more frequently after reading this guide, as it can save you a ton of time exploring the map in Diablo Immortal.

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