How To Use Weapons in Diablo 4


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Learn how to use weapons in Diablo 4!

How To Use Weapons in Diablo 4

Weapons are typically the most impactful pieces of equipment you can get in ARPG, but in Diablo IV, weapons play a more passive role, giving way to skills and Basic Attacks as the most effective way to damage enemies.

This quick guide will walk you through how to use weapons in Diablo IV.

How Do Weapons Work in Diablo 4?

Weapons in Diablo 4 serve a more passive role and are simply there to boost your Basic Attack’s DPS. Specifically, weapons in Diablo IV boost your character’s Attack Speed and Damage and nothing more.

Your Basic Attack is the first “Skill” you pick for your character at Level 1. That skill becomes your character’s Basic Attack, which you can then boost through weapons.

However, one class in the game can use multiple weapons to boost more than just its Basic Attack – the Barbarian.

You can equip up to four weapons and swap between them automatically through the Barbarian’s Arsenal System. Unlike other classes that can only carry one weapon that boosts Basic Attacks, you can assign specific weapons to the Barbarian’s skills to boost those skills’ effectiveness as well.

How Do You Perform Basic Attacks With Weapons in Diablo 4?

Pressing the “Attack” button automatically uses your character’s Basic Attack in Diablo IV. Any weapon assigned to your character will automatically be used to deal damage through your character’s Basic Attack.

A screenshot showing a player fighting a mob using a basic attack in Diablo 4

Basic Attacks are arguably the most important attack type in Diablo IV, as these attacks generate energy for your Core Abilities. You cannot use your character’s skills without energy, so boosting your Basic Attack’s effectiveness through weapons is essential. You can charge up your energy bar faster through more powerful weapons, allowing you to use your character’s most powerful abilities more frequently.

How do you assign weapons in Diablo IV?

For every other class except the Barbarian, you can equip a weapon to your character from your inventory, and your character should automatically use that weapon for Basic Attacks. However, you can equip up to four weapons for the Barbarian class and assign them to various Barbarian Skills.

  1. Bring up the Skill Assignment menu. (S on your keyboard or the Left Analog Stick on Console while you’re in the Abilities menu.)
Assign weapons to Barbarian Skills to use those weapons in Diablo IV.

2. In the Skill Assignment menu, highlight the Skill you want to assign a weapon, then cycle through available weapons using the Scroll Wheel on PC or Square/X on PlayStation/Xbox.

A screenshot showing the Lunging Strike ability in Diablo 4

Final Thoughts

The weapon you equip to your character is automatically utilized whenever you use your Basic Attacks. Unless you’re using the Barbarian class, you shouldn’t have to worry too much about how to use weapons in Diablo IV.

However, if you use the Barbarian, assign the appropriate type of weapon to the Barbarian Skills you choose to boost those skills’ DPS. For all the other classes in the game, just equip the best weapon in terms of stats to maximize your character’s Basic Attacks.

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