Who is Lilith in Diablo IV?


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While Blizzard’s Diablo is a pretty solid game on its own, with different classes and a lush world, Sanctuary’s whole setting has a story you can’t just learn from playing it. We know that Lilith is the central villain of Diablo IV, but do you know her entire story before she was caught up in the conflict with Inarius again?

Who is Lilith in Diablo IV?

Daughter of Mephisto, Mother of Sanctuary

Lilith is the daughter of Mephisto, one of the Prime Evils and the Lord of Hatred. Hence, she is dubbed the ‘Daughter of Hatred.’ During the Eternal Conflict, Lilith captures one of the angels, Inarius, and initially thinks she will use him for amusement.

Little did she know that they would find a mutual passion—a desire to break away from the conflict between Heaven and Hell. With the power of the Worldstone, Inarius and Lilith create the realm of Sanctuary between the High Heavens and the Burning Hells. Here, they would exist outside the never-ending battle between angels and demons.

Rise of the Nephalem

Though on opposite ends of the Eternal Conflict, Inarius and Lilith eventually became lovers. After falling in love, they became the mother and father of Sanctuary. Their union also resulted in a new form of being that was half-angel and half-demon, dubbed the nephalem.

The first child of Inarius and Lilith was Linarian (a.k.a. Rathma), one of the first nephalem. Sanctuary’s other demons and angels create their offspring called ‘The Ancients.’

Interestingly enough, Rathma was also the tutor of the first Necromancer and was said to be a pivotal figure in the Sin War.

A gameplay still from Diablo IV

Banishment into the Void

It was eventually discovered that the nephalem were more powerful than angels and demons. This became a huge concern for Lilith and Inarius. Inarius wanted to meditate on the consequences of the existence of the nephalem. Lilith saw them as potentially ending the Eternal Conflict between Heaven and Hell.

After slaughtering Inarius’ followers, Lilith was banished into the Void by Inarius. With the Worldstone, Inarius altered the nephalem so that their powers would weaken each generation. As the generations passed, they weakened, resulting in regular humans’ existence.

A gameplay still from Diablo IV

Return to Sanctuary

Enter Diablo IV, and Elias, a member of the Temple of Triune, resurrects Lilith. From that point on, Lilith makes it her mission to be able to absorb the Prime Evils (including her father, Mephisto) and take an army of nephalem to overthrow Heaven and Hell and become the sole ruler of all creation.

She even manages to do away with Inarius, who led the Church of Light and tried to find his way back into Heaven. Lilith manages to stab him and tear off his wings, destroying him.

Powers and Abilities

Since Lilith is the daughter of a Prime Evil, she is considered a very powerful demon, immune to certain kinds of magic and weapons. Not only does she have a more demonic form that can wreak havoc, but she is also a shapeshifter. This ability allows her to disguise herself and gain the trust of unsuspecting travelers.

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Lilith also makes good use of blood magic, which allows her to summon all kinds of creatures from blood. She was even said to be powerful enough to influence things in Sanctuary after being banished to the void.

A gameplay still from Diablo IV

“Blessed Mother, Save Us”

Without spoiling anything, it’s safe to say that Diablo IV definitively closes the book on Lilith’s story, and it’s been a pretty extensive one from her elopement with Inarius to her return from the Void. Though the world is still full of demons and Prime Evils, Lilith is one of the more memorable figures in the lore, and fans love that she got the spotlight for the latest Diablo game.

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