DIRT 5 Patch 1.04 Fixes Screen Tearing and Save Fails, Read the Patch Notes Here


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DIRT 5 is one of the few games that is trying to convince us all the PlayStation 5 is the next generation console to own at the moment. But just when Sony may have been hoping for a smooth experience from Codemasters’ stalwart series, it has only gone and thrown a few tantrums. Luckily, the development team are working hard behind the scenes to put things right. And patch 1.04 is the latest attempt at doing just that.
It couldn’t come at a better time, either, because they were really annoying bugs that were ruining the whole experience and convenience that this new console offers.

DIRT 5 Patch 1.04 Fixes Screen Tearing and Save Fails, Read the Patch Notes Here
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Screen tearing was the first complaint to make the headlines. Something nobody really expected going into this weekend. But that certainly made its presence known on many a television screen. This has now been fixed using something called V-Sync, but we’ll have to see if it is completely successful. Then there was the saving issue whereby pre-patch save files failed to load. And the naughty livery editor, which started to cause the game to crash. Not to mention the usual issues that arise in lobbies as matchmaking algorithms try to find you a competitor.
However, the biggest gripe fans had with DIRT 5 was with one of its trophies. Specifically, one that demanded what many considered to be an un-driveable amount of miles; 10,000 miles to be exact. This has now been lowered to a more attainable 1,000 miles – which isn’t so much to brag about, if you ask me…
Anyway, the 1.7GB patch is available now on both the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 5, making the following changes:

  • Multiple general performance improvements across the board, reducing instances of crashes, gameplay stuttering and FPS drops, further optimising general gameplay
  • PS4: Resolved issues caused by save data created before previous patch, such as progress disappearing upon game restart and crashes when using livery editor
  • PS5: Further refinements to the use of DualSense adaptive triggers
  • PS4/PS5: V-Sync added
  • Fix for crash caused by signing out during a Gymkhana event
  • Visual improvements to rain effects on windshield when using interior camera views
  • Display fix for rewards screen in post-race menu
  • Photo mode: minor fixes and optimisations
  • Multiplayer: improvements in kicking players in lobby who do not ready up for an event
  • Multiplayer: general improvements to online matchmaking and lobby searches
  • The Trophy ‘Spare Some Change for Gas?’ will now require players to race for 1,000 miles, instead of 10,000

Source: DIRT game site

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